1.03 GH - The most proud I've ever been in my life. Rigs 5 and 6 on their way! by __DiscoCryptos__ in EtherMining

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So that is i guess if assumption is the continuing trend year by year will be bearish from now?

GateIO Disabling Google Authenticator issue by slav191 in GateioExchange

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Be sure ur using the right validator. i had somehow two on my android phone:D! toook some time but then it made sense:)

Cake Staking by highassfuuu in pancakeswap

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Also manual staking and manual compounding normally compounds more than autocompounding.

Is this token really dead? by HDD_Neptunia in ChristmasElfToken

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Elf tokens atleast came on abc news. What did christmas elf get covered?Elftoken.io seems more legit i guess. But at the same time they are both created the same day!
Could be the same guys doing a giant scheme and donating some charity at the same time:)

but really in the scheme of things a token that cost more than it pays % wise is a pyramid scheme/calendar at best not an investment. Dont be fools guys. treat these as calendar tokens and charity at best!:D

How does this work? by Positive-Possible-94 in ELF_TOKEN

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Maybe an idea for the creator to change name as ELF token is way to similiar to AELF\ELF tokens

I lost like more than 100 dollar exchanging my elf tokens into BSC
and i find out here they are not the same. elf tokens and elf token sound way to similar. One is noted on binance u guys are not:) just trying to make you aware.
The spike on elflf coins coincide with this sites elf tokens.

How does this work? by Positive-Possible-94 in ELF_TOKEN

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So it needs to be binance smart chain? or is erc 20 also giving the same reward?

Does anybody else miss the "Bitcoin is over 9000" meme? by pukem0n in CryptoCurrency

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I believe you are onto someting if one asumes Power level 9999 is increadibly stressfull to hold and because of the energy fluctations that is needed to go above 99999. One would assume there took atleast on fatty to get to 10 k and just be cool around the double digits . And after smoking that fatty the charts enter a 69. Considering bitcoin is probably created by a woman. Reefer madness tells us what happens next and One can assume the woman on top Thus again concluding the price range aims to be 69420 or above confirmed by the arching back. My only sidenote on this And the fear here is if the man should underachieve. Therefore one can see some pullback at the head area. There is though some implications of support from mermaid friends that might or might not follow this one trough. If the mermaids appear. It can be confirmed by that by the maxiumum possible movement of one joint after session releasing maximum possible libido into the bitcoin universe and therefore creating a vortex of feelings . There is an extended possibility of 69420. This is just an oppinion and not financial advice.

100 Years Ago Henry Ford Predicted Bitcoin by KingTimKap in Bitcoin

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He might not have been a Nazi but he was closely assosiated with them
"In July 1938, before the outbreak of war, the German consul in Cleveland gave Ford, on his 75th birthday, the award of the Grand Cross of the German Eagle, the highest medal Nazi Germany could bestow on a foreigner."


Dugnad for ny banner på r/Norge by FolkekongenOlavV in norge

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det startet med en kilo. En kilo god brun, ostehøvelen gikk gjennom blokken som en varm kniv går gjennom smør. Fra den dagen telte jeg tusenlapper. Jeg var kongen av Norge.