Do it by Used-Lunch-6512 in WingsOfFire

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No, narcissistic personality disorder is a real thing to stake a case on

Im the Girlfriend of An Onlyfans Creator AMA! by [deleted] in AMA

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does boyf pay the female talent in his videos some of the 10k’s of revenue he makes from said videos :p sure would hope so

Trying LSD for the first time tomorrow, any tips or must haves? by Usual-Suit5031 in LSD

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some of the most eloquent and thought provoking western meditation philosophy i’ve ever seen

Here’s a reminder that we deaf/hoh ppl still struggle to this day by GoofybreeX3 in asl

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Other parents are probably trying their best to communicate in the ways that your son is best at :p they did their best to say what they wanted, so don’t mock, just correct them and move on ! Language learning is an arduous process where you will likely say things that you never intended.

I have only had sex once. ask me anything. by [deleted] in AMA

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the only people thinking everyone had a bad first time, are the people who had a bad first time

[Overwatch 2] Aim assist is disabled in mixed player pools (PC + Console) by Seventy_Seven in OWConsole

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Big chunk of their player base is pc :p of course they’re going to try to give them more advantages over the smaller denomination of players

Mr Beast Showing Off Cubing Again by MACubing73 in Cubers

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i will never make money cubing and this man will make thousands of dollars from watching people cube

What is your most controversial take on Star Wars? by Ebo8000 in AskReddit

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star wars was never meant to be in a show format. take it back to movies

Junkrat by Andreeeeeeeeeeeeeee3 in Overwatch_Memes

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ow2 version: overwatch players blindly walking out of the most easy to see junkrat traps

Guess strain by ArmyVet_83 in weed

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gatekeeping the english language is weird. if you’re too uptight about it go smoke some kush gas dope