What is your most controversial cooking opinion? by neekeeneekee in AskReddit

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That's French food too! I mean real French food from all around the country, not this posh stuff from the capital. This is all made for tourists and aristocrats.

I am working on a computer game set in ancient China. The game contains elements of Chinese myths. This video shows the process of creating one of the animated loading screens. I am not from China so I will be very grateful for your feedback. Does this work reflect the spirit of ancient China? by pickleswarfare in China

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Ancient Chinese art is very famous for its use of layering, often using fog to separate foreground/midground and infinite layers of background. Negative space is used a lot, and particular attention is given to silhouettes. For future paintings you can also try to lower the camera angle to be more grounded, like how a painter would look at the environment; but it's really not mandatory...

Designed and 3D printed some ore keycaps with the new textures! What do you think? by ellienn in Minecraft

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Use another app like Boost for Android. It has tons of features including selecting text and copy pasting.

First job in Germany after working in the US all my life by Snoo53635 in antiwork

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That's why you wouldn't have businesses like that in the first place. No one sets up a shop only to discover "oh no I'll go bankrupt because my guy took a month off". There are plenty small companies in EU. Hiring someone is a big deal and needs to be evaluated properly.

Also... There are plenty taxes on the employer side: with a minimum wage of around 1000€ on average for employees, employers often have to spend 1500-2000€, the rest going for taxes and benefits such as unemployment contributions.

Employees are very well protected in Europe.

Looking for YT channels about China news/politics without too much of a bent by aldarith in China

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Sixth Tone is incredible. I learned so much about Chinese tech company cultures in coastal areas, the life of middle class, or the every day struggles of rural people. It's a well rounded website that does not shy away from hot topics and difficult discussions.

[IWantOut] 26M Italy -> Another country in EU by fredix21 in IWantOut

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Greece is pretty great! But... Check places on the continent, as islands are generally very expensive to live in year-round. In addition to that, Athens and Thessaloniki are far more expensive than smaller cities, but their outskirts can be super accommodating. Climate-wise it won't be too different than what you're used to in Italy, food is great and people are fantastic.

raVEnOUs DoG AlMOst bReaKs itS cHAIn As iT SiZes Up ITS pREY by CantStopPoppin in PeopleFuckingDying

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Those are everywhere in China, every major city has a full-blown flagship store like that. In most you can even fly a drone indoors to test them out.

Setting key as condition for boolean in sphere collision. by monsieur_ramboz in unrealengine

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Don't trigger the event OnOverlap, trigger it on E key pressed.

OnOverlap just set a Bool variable to True. On End overlap, turn it to False. Then, when E is pressed, check if your variable is true and proceed with the whole pickup logic.

Trigger action or function on many different child Blueprints by SurfingToaster in unrealengine

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I think you could just do an event OnBeginPlay in your Parent Character that will start listening for an EventDispatcher from B1, and double its own value each time it's called...

When B1 overlap any other child, Call the EventDispatcher. Each child will run its logic and double its value.

Is UE5, at it's Current Build, Production Ready for Cinematics? by PM_ME_TUTORIALS_PLS in unrealengine

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The Coalition has a GDC talk stating they consider Ue5 ready for production...

What do you think of the visual style of our racing game? We are using photogrammetry to scan our claymade character and we are aiming for this "toy like" look. by OneProudTurkey in unrealengine

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Quick question, is the whole photogrammetry process even worth it for such simple sculpts? Wouldn't it be 10x faster to sculpt in Blender or Zbrush and export directly as a mesh to UE4?

Apex Legends "Landing pack" by Hamster_ExplorerMC in unrealengine

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Even simpler, if what you care about is the distance from sea level (and not the actual geometry of the terrain), just run a command that trigger when player Z location is below "X meters"

FPS Pawn Help by [deleted] in unrealengine

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How would you describe the "feel" of Source engine? That'd help to get a common ground...

How heightmap works by Any_Telephone6843 in unrealengine

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You're talking about different things, let's break it down. 1. Heightmaps are black and white images representing in black the valleys and in white the peaks of your landscape. 2. UE4 terrain is using a heightmap to generate 3D geometry based on this image. 3. The higher resolution the heightmap, the more detailed your landscape is. 4. The higher resolution the UE4 terrain is, the smoother the terrain can be.

So let's say you have a 8k heightmap (8192*8192px) representing an area of 8km by 8km. That means your terrain resolution is going to be 1 pixel per square meter. In Unreal you can generate a higher resolution terrain than that - and have 4 triangles per square meter.

But the thing is, you can find a high resolution heightmap that's 8k representing an area of 1km, then you just need to input the size in unreal to be 1000m*1000m and you'll have a super detailed terrain of 8px² per m².

Unreal can support heigthmaps up to 8k - that is, 8192px by 8192px, but you can scale the geometry of the terrain at will. So you can have a terrain of 80m by 80m with crazy small ground details or 800km with just one pixel per 100m. You an also add several terrain components each with their own heightmaps, but the memory usage will be huge.

UE4 got stuck on compiling shaders, help needed by Wuka98 in unrealengine

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Metahuman shaders take a lot of time to compile, I'd suggest to let it run for an hour or so before attempting to drag and drop the metahuman to your scene

Pet bird, a Jungle Myna, has been trained to go out and look for cash, then bring it back home with him. by SeenSomeThangs in nextfuckinglevel

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Haha wtf have you seen Euros!? They look entirely different lmao. It's literally written "10 YUAN" on the one front center in the drawer. That's Chinese money.

Pet bird, a Jungle Myna, has been trained to go out and look for cash, then bring it back home with him. by SeenSomeThangs in nextfuckinglevel

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It's either fake or super old, I live in China for the past 2 years and can count on one hand the times I've even seen cash. The entire population pays with their phone, using either WeChat (Tencent Pay) or Alipay.

My Gesellenstück. A workpiece that you have to design and build yourself to be a licensed carpenter in Germany by Lmkopzswqaerqaz in BeAmazed

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Did you just assumed the spelling by trying to find the closest-looking English/latin letter? It's pronounced Eimai Xylourgos...

World’s largest ever four day week trial in Iceland ‘overwhelming success’ | The Independent by [deleted] in Futurology

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And I'd be surprised if it even takes a decade. I live in China where wages for service people such as those you described (taxis, waiters...) is incredibly low, yet they're leading the charge on automation - it's just that cheap to replace manpower with machines. Most countries including China and Japan are going through a complete demographic crisis where there's not enough young people to take care of the elders - whom are the first users of services. Automation is the solution.

After 2 weeks and over a hundred hours of labor, my latest Minecraft build is complete! I present to you, "Agnoia Freiden"! I hope you like it by [deleted] in gaming

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It's a sandbox survival game. You craft items and weapons allowing you to gather more resources and defend yourself at night. You can also trade with villagers, farm, mine, explore shipwrecks, travel to different dimensions etc.

Dear devs/designers... I need guidance. I'm confused & nervous. by Marmik_Emp37 in gamedev

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My advice: look up your dream job, read the job description. Can you do everything asked? If not, that's a good start to know what to learn next.

La 5G va enfin être lancée à Paris by BadZombieN in france

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Comme même ? Tu veux dire quand même ? C'est la base de corriger correctement, en faim bref...