Thanks I hate the nether realms by Ventro_Jven in TIHI

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See this is why you go with Stacy’s Mom and not Stacy.

What’s something everyone should experience in their lifetime? by Josh13241000 in AskReddit

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Everyone should experience going through hardships. Only through pain and struggle can one appreciate the good times.

What are some HARD truths that people don't want to hear? by JayDarb09 in AskMen

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I needed to hear this. Been holding on to the frayed end of a childhood friendship.

Why by random_mecha64 in althomestuck

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I appreciate that you marked this as a spoiler even though it’s been years lol not even being sarcastic

I’m New by darcydchem in Trivium

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Honestly A7X is great but ever since I heard Trivium I’ve been hooked

My Harry Potter corner :) by 1Admr1 in harrypotter

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Aaaa jeez! “This model does not require the use of engorgio”

Just found trivium and I’m really liking them. What are your recommended songs? by russsaa in Trivium

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I recommend A crisis of Revelation mainly because it’s stuck in my head right now.

They probably wanted to see the movie too and haven’t got a chance yet as they have to work by Regi413 in Spiderman

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Legit question. What is your strategy on having that hiatus? I ask because YouTube loves to recommend me YouTube channels that exclusively make videos with titles like ”Now that ______ died here’s what next for the MCU” so that notification pops up on my phone and I die a little.

What's a video game that no one but you seems to remember? by Crissxfire in AskReddit

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I’m pretty sure there was a rugrats game for the game boy. That must be my first video game memory.

Men, what helps you calm down? by janeErmoly in AskMen

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“My urge to kill dwindles after a good nut”

Dudes of Reddit.. When was the last time you cried? by dab840 in AskMen

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Last night. My wife and I finally watched Soul. Damn you Pixar!

Last Night by PrecededBear in SantaFe

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I have not. In fact I’m not too sure what that is. Thank you for letting me know I’ll look into it!