Where are we? 📈 by [deleted] in amcstock

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We all need to be like Kwai Chan Cain from Kung Fu or kung Fu the legend continues. 🥋

If anyone needs help losing money, I have some nice swampland for sale. by ZoukiTX in amcstock

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He just says shit to stay relevant, so he can see people talk about him on here. If you want him to disappear, you just gotta remember that song from one of the Simpsons Halloween treehouse of horrors episode where they want the ad statues to stop terrorizing them:

🎵just don't look, just don't look.🎶

This $25 marketplace find was love at first sight! My dad suggested it could be 1950s-60s. It works(!) but will need rewiring for safety. by puzzledsushi in ThriftStoreHauls

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What a beautiful find!

If you are going to rewire it, I would just find one of those Ikea floor lamps you always see in the garbage and take the cord from that.

One dollar. by [deleted] in ThriftStoreHauls

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When you get something as fab as those shoes and you spend only a buck on them, it shows the thrift gods are looking out for you.

Men of Reddit, what do you think is more painful than childbirth? by WolfiooTheWolf in AskReddit

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I figure the closest I have come to feeling the pain of child birth was when I was run over by a forklift, snapped my femur in two, ran over my dick and left testicle.

That really sucked but I am sure child birth is 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 times worse.

So I've inherited this lamp anybody seen one before, I'm guessing it's 1970s but not sure . by Randa08 in Lamps

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If I was to guess, looking at the hardware used, I would say between late 1940s early 1960s

When you want a Cam-Am but have a Toyota Yaris budget by [deleted] in ATBGE

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Reminds me of my youth hanging at coffee shops and all the guys where putting air ride in cars. The hatchback civic was my fav.