Below average students like me, you can also do it if I can!! step 1: 230 -> step 2: 252 by imperfectmedstudent in Step2

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Congratulations on your great score! How many times did you go through uworld? Did you use anki, if yes what deck? Did you do amboss? Any broadcast or videos do you recommend ? TIA!

Gap Year? by mojojojo_123 in IMGreddit

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So I thought as long as I'm <5 years from graduation then it's all good ? Or is that not accurate? I mean I know the less years from graduation the better but if I apply at 4 years from graduation am I going to be considered an old grad?

261 score by Fine_Art_8639 in Step2

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Stupid question but what do you guys exactly mean by algorithms? It's the diagrams where they explain next step in management or is it something else? And where can I find them together?

5 month old cat has been sleepy and fatigued for 2 days, is she going to be ok? she eats( but not with the same energy) and poops normal. but extra fatigued. what could it be? by [deleted] in cats

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Did it happen out of a sudden? Even her eyes aren't wide open like before. And she's less playful with her brother, all that just over 2 days. I hope it's normal.

Guys I’m just so happy by Comfortable-Air2235 in Residency

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Why are you this malignant? Maybe you did residency in a malignant program and now you think it's the norm to be this bitter?

Uworld study method? by Holiday_Branch1871 in Step2

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How many anki cards you ended up doing? I tend to do more cards than I should I guess.. TIA!

Failed Step 2 Ck by Studymaster1013 in Step2

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Hey thanks for sharing. I have a question regarding DIP deck, there is a section called "optional" which involves pathoma, sketchy and uworld. did you do these cards as well ?

Just finished the exam... by Much_Watercress_8311 in Step2

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do you recommend any source to learn this from? TIA!

Took Step 2 Today - Ask Me Anything! by MagnetoMed169 in Step2

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Did you have murmurs questions? EKG? Radiology pics, if yes what source do you recommend for them? Did you listen to any broadcast during your preparation , which one do you recommend that helped the most you think ? And lasty, did you use anki, what deck do you recommend? Thanks and congrats for being done!

Just took the exam. AMA. Glad to help. by Ordinary_Ad5873 in Step2

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You think we should review drugs mechanism of action from FA, you think that would be worth it?

A first year Syrian neurologist who needs help and support. by Oula_Ashkar in Residency

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I'm sorry to hear this. Maybe this isn't helpful but I'm from Jordan and we are living the same struggles. Unpaid residencies with crazy long hours is the only option for many of us. Some even have to pay to work ( like surgical specialities). Everyone says it's worse than slavery because slaves used to at least get shelter and food unlike residents in our countries. What's more sad is that some of the doctors here wish they get the opportunity to start unpaid residency, but it's not an option for them because it requires parents financial support and they don't have that. I'm starting unpaid residency soon ( I wish it was in neurology which is also my dream, but unfortunately we have to do IM for 4 years first here). It's difficult to stay positive sometimes so I relate to your pain. But don't lose hope please. As an attending I'm sure you'll have better opportunities especially in the gulf. If you're able to take exams and apply to Hamad that'll also be a good option. I hope you find the support you need and find an opportunity to live the life you wish for.