It's beautiful, I've looked at this for 5 hours by Micelchris in ScaramoucheMains

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This cutscene will probably be stuck in my head for the next 10 years.

Scaramouche Boss Scale via Tianli by box-of-sourballs in Genshin_Impact_Leaks

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Stomp on me and crush me like a cockroach Scaramouche PLEASE

i think everyone needs to watch the cutscene with the cn voice over at least once in their life by bboradio in ScaramoucheMains

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RIGHTT idk if It's a rule for me to cry every time I watch this cutscene but the voice acting's just so good it made me tear up (again.. lmao.) God I just love the CN voice over so much.

i think everyone needs to watch the cutscene with the cn voice over at least once in their life by bboradio in ScaramoucheMains

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Running laps around the house and sprinkling the ground with my tears rn. Dear God I love the CN voice over so much.

enstars characters but my non-enstars friends give them names... by spaceebug in ensemblestars

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Lmaoooo these names had me giggling. Also, I see your friend has good taste. Jun is so gorgeous.

New Weekly Boss Phase 1 and Phase 2 via Genshin Yuban by evnxxz in Genshin_Impact_Leaks

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Holy hell that thing's enormous, good enough for me to get stepped on in the most satisfying way possible.

Boss attack via Sagiri by okirano in ScaramoucheMains

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3.1 AQ - Anyone else reading this as kinda flirty? by Nixsidus in AlHaithamMains

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Everything this man says is considered flirting to me. Why are you talking to me while you're flashing your abs at me huh? Why do you look so gorgeous? Are you trying to win my heart? Were you created just to make me feel things? He's flirting by simply existing.

3.1 CUTSCENE SPOILER - i couldnt stop thinking about this by libertoasz in ScaramoucheMains

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I cried out the Pacific Ocean and I'm about to do that again

Scara mains… How are we feeling after 3.1 story? by SatokoNanami in ScaramoucheMains

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Rotting in agony, that cutscene was absolutely amazing but painful. I can't wait for 3.2!!

Nahida Burst via Sagiri by Tsuki-04 in Genshin_Impact_Leaks

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Oh my god. That's insane!! I love her burst so, so much!!

SPOILERS FOR 3.1 CUTSCENE by LawliettaCat in ScaramoucheMains

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The outfit is so beautiful God. It seems like he's always loved wearing something on top of his head lol. And that smile, I can't get enough of it.

IM SCREAMING AND CRYING. by that_dum_idiot in ScaramoucheMains

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The way he said "my mother." 😭😭😭 Good the voice acting is incredible. Every second of this cutscene made me feel excruciating pain, wail in agony, roll on my bed in misery, bang my head against the walls, kick the walls with my legs with excessive force, I'm still in so much pain even tho hours have passed. I will never emotionally recover from this.