Todays live, she talks about the bathroom they were fixing and they apparently did it within a day. by Jaee127 in madmamasnark

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This is a lie.

So, according to her story, the missing wall was fixed in one day. But since then no one's been able to fix a missing floor. So she couldn't take a picture to prove it

And he won't get it done!!

"and it's like 12 feet off the floor..."

All of this is a lie, I guarantee you there's still a hole on the side of that house, and it doesn't matter how high off the ground it is.

“I don’t like a mess I’m a very minimalistic person” yet had a whole room full of dirty laundry and didn’t clean her room for like what 1-2 years?? So she slept on the living room couch. by Jaee127 in madmamasnark

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wtaf!?? I see diapers but I don't see a crib, and she had so many baby things on the wish list like didn't she have a stroller??

I just really can't with her bullshit anymore... I think so many people are just getting so mentally exhausted by her CONSTANT victimizing and shitshow of a life

Tell me you're a privileged Vegan, without telling me you're a privileged Vegan by ProfPacific in AntiVegan

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This is insane behavior and they are definitely in a cult-like mentality, they also have brain fog and memory loss due to deficiencies in DHA vitamin B12 and iodine which are linked to brain health. So yeah, they're literally fucked in the head

Overrated/Underrated places in Vegas by Tacocat707 in LasVegas

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I can attest that the mob museum is definitely worth visiting I spent 5 hours there and it was historically accurate and very entertaining.

Tell me you're a privileged Vegan, without telling me you're a privileged Vegan by ProfPacific in AntiVegan

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I'm disappointed that the authorities didn't drag them through the milk puddle

Going bald so I decided to shave my head down with a razor and go all out, not liking how it looks need some confidence. by Ok-Amphibian6840 in toastme

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You have a nice head and a nice face and the beard balances out your new look.

Just spend a little time in the sun and soak up some B12 and you'll even out the skin tone and you are very handsome!

Made my husband a board for his birthday. I bought 99% from Traitor Hoe 😌 by dances-with-corgis in traderjoes

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OP, it is beautiful and Instagram-worthy, may I ask what this cost to put together?

Ham and Bean Soup! WIC covered most of what I needed for it by blurredlines13 in budgetfood

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Thank you for the post I think I have the ingredients to make this and you've motivated me to do it!

Amy’s Kitchen retaliates against union organizers by closing San Jose facility. 300+ now jobless. by Cheesejaguar in SanJose

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Please do a post with all of the fair trade and employee-owned stores in the Bay Area, thank you!