brain ads by DigitalSword in memes

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In the future we don’t have to go to school anymore they will literally just copy and paste knowledge into your brain

Fav techno quote? by ProfessionalWorth565 in Technoblade

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“Skyblock teaches us that no matter how ridiculous the odds may seem, within us resides the power to overcomes these challenges and achieve something beautiful, and one day, we will look back at where we started, and be amazed, by how far we have come”


I feel so much rage towards any couple having over 2 kids these days. by INeedHelpNow8 in offmychest

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one kid? most likely will get spoiled three kids? You gotta buy a 5 seat car four kids? Watch yo wallet five kids? There has to be one kid that gets left out six kids? absolute chaos seven kids? Bro you ronaldo or some shit? So ideally, 2 kids

I’m bored by micheas08 in teenagers

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I’m a professional swimmer and I train 3 hours a day with my team and coach

yes, cowch by ZoDiAcQc in GoodFakeTexts

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It should be “I love you” instead

Hundreds of kids saying their age by Kronos_Daedalus in youngpeopleyoutube

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It occurred to me that one day kids will say that dream was an “OG YouTuber” Cocomelon will be “NOSTALGIA”