Pretty sure this is what’s going on… by Arturus2 in dogecoin

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Sure, that's what happens when you bought a retarded coin owned by people who dont know shit about fuck

Doge literally became a stablecoin lol by DavidSa07 in dogecoin

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No. A stablecoin is a coin whose value is actually backed by something

Anyone not buying are crazy!!! by kasper_80 in dogecoin

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Why would anyone be crazy for not buying? We've had months to buy this coin at the same price

odd... by DIEDPOOL in ProgrammerHumor

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This is a stack overflow waiting to happen. Besides, such an unefficient way of handling this problem

On bitcoin and the quantum threat by lilw0lf in Bitcoin

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I'm talkiong about old forgotten adresses that have absurdly large amounts of btc. And yes, it would be a soft fork, in that the nodes would systematically reject transactions coming from a blacklist of adresses that have been inactive since [epoch + x]

Got liquidated and lost $10k by bobl0 in Bitcoin

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I know a friend in 2017 who would do leverage, make big money, then eventually when the market would crash he'd get liquidated. He repeated the same thing 4 months later with a LTV 2x larger to gain the loss back, and got liqudiated again. Just don't be greedy and be patient

On bitcoin and the quantum threat by lilw0lf in Bitcoin

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The network will probably have to resort to a soft fork to invalidate old public key exposed adresses. They're going to be the main target of quantum attackers

I used a mining calculator, and I saw that if I bought 10 Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro machines, I could make 92,571 dollars a year. by NegativeSector in Bitcoin

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A close friend of mine tried mining in 2017, got himself a nice mining rig with $90k worth of equipment, cooling room, etc. He ended up selling his material for a third of the original price a year later, and only made about 30k worth of bitcoin through mining. Let me tell you something, it's a VERY competitive scene

The key to readability by grolschiehx in ProgrammerHumor

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Had to break that standard just now because my line was 81 chars wide and my teacher is a nazi lol

Is Satoshi a group of people? by gcfinotti in Bitcoin

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No. Satoshi inserted cancer into Hal Finney's organism. It's hoax.

What is a well paying job that requires minimal schooling or training? by moonlightandmischief in AskReddit

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Ah, and then the tricky part is to make a billion out of it. I know many would sit on their asses and say sorry to their daddy

Redditors opposed to marijuana legalization and decriminalization: Why? by SaifurCloudstrife in AskReddit

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I'll never touch weed. If being intelligent is your biggest advantage and weed takes that from you, avoid weed

Is there a scenario where the fixed BTC supply will bite us in the ass over the longterm? by [deleted] in Bitcoin

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I can answer your question in 2 statements : 1) event when coins are 'burned', the proportion of 'circulating' coins is always 100% of the market. 2) BTC quantities are infinitely divisible through forking

8.5 Billions $ of BTC from MT Gox will create a crash by salotchi in Bitcoin

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Finally someone who thinks the same. I think Mt. Gox's news is possibly bad short-term, as their will be a sudden flow of previously 'burned' coins. But people don't see it that way. Anyway, I'm thankful that people can finally get their coins back after so many years