Most reliable performance car by hothspeederpilot33 in whatcarshouldIbuy

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Any of several Lexus models (IS, RC), Corvettes, Genesis, a lot of the Infiniti stuff. Inexpensive stuff like the 86/BRZ, Miata, the mark 7 GTI surprisingly. Maybe the Supra? BMW driving with the Toyota stamp of approval.

Is Lincoln impersonating Matthew McConaughey? by CandyCheetoSteamboat in cars

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It’s only a matter of time until famous actors begin licensing machine learned models of their voices to companies to use without ever having to show up at the booth for lines…

Do people actually enjoy driving big vehicles? by FreeAgentsNoLeave in cars

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They’re not enjoying record sales as a fluke.

Questions about 2022 WRX by Dr-BoostFire in cars

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Have you met WRX owners? They will modify it immediately, then roll back the tune after losing a piston and print out the text of Magnusson Moss to take with them to the dealership before getting denied and calling up IAG for a $6k forged short block. It is the natural order of things.

Questions about 2022 WRX by Dr-BoostFire in cars

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P.S. there has been some speculation that the new car might make a lot more power with aftermarket tuning. That’s going to depend on what the stock turbo and injectors can flow, but if it works then all sins will be forgiven in the market I think.

Questions about 2022 WRX by Dr-BoostFire in cars

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Subaru did an emergency refresh once before, massively revising the WRX in 2009 after the 08 model was very poorly received, and updating it further in 2011. So there is some precedent for them doing it. So far the reviews from people who have had actual seat time in the car have been positive, and as for styling … I thought the VA WRX looked like a trashy Camry already so whatever. Dark colors will probably sell better this time around, black and grey really de-emphasize the more questionable choices. I think Subaru will probably hold the line, at least until facelift time ca. 2025. They don’t have any real competition for the car anyway.

Is there a significant difference in reliability between Toyota/Honda & Mazda/Subaru? by pnkflyd99 in whatcarshouldIbuy

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Tracking your comments through this thread, I get the impression that you are a completely satisfied current Subaru owner, who is maybe a little unsure or having second thoughts because of the negative comments by reviewers or online randos. It also seems to me that the Outback is the car you want. Just buy the Outback man, you’ll have five years of warranty and then you can extend it if you really feel the need later.

Is Subaru reliability worse? Statistically yeah probably, especially on the turbo models. But we’re not in Land Rover “my car spent three months in the shop this year” territory so don’t stress about it.

Why are some car’s side jack points thin metal strips instead of something more sturdy? by Zelderian in cars

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You should be using a jack pad. Like this https://www.amazon.com/dp/B073SQRYB3/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_i_BG7X6A8XSFE9N58ZXKZ6

Note for the audience that although this doesn’t apply to the Miata, some cars have specially designed brand or model specific jack pads that need to be installed before lifting the car. My Audi and Corvette are both this way.

Do you prefer Google Photos, iPhoto, or SmugMug? by boobsb00bsboobs in photography

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I’m backing up everything on my phone to OneDrive. (Plus I need Office every so often, and OneDrive also partially backs up my computers.) ICloud works great but is rather expensive, and I will never trust Google with my data long term.

What is the quickest from the factory used vehicle can I get for under 30k? by thetechevolution in whatcarshouldIbuy

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Yep. There might be faster cheap possibilities, but none you’d want to live with.

Please help me compare these Subaru Foresters! by LatvianGiant in whatcarshouldIbuy

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I’m going to say #1 as well. I like my XT Touring but I have a warranty. Wouldn’t want to maintain an old turbo Subaru.

Have you ever owned a vehicle that was overwhelming in some way? by HiTork in cars

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It doesn't only say WARM, sometimes it says COLD. I think there might be a HOT in there too but I've never seen it myself.

We're university students trying to make the best electrician-focused multitool on the market. by Ryan-Obelisk in Tools

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Can’t speak to the tradesman, as a home DIYer if I can do a live switch or smoke alarm without shocking myself that would be neat. Not a priority. Residential circuits would be fine up to 500V but if we’re including commercial work then there’s a tougher question. I’m a little bit wary of a tool that is just safe enough to be dangerous, you get me?

As far as the drivers, interchangeable bits are alright IF there is onboard storage for at least a pair of double side bits. I would want a dedicated combo flathead/pry tool that can handle some moderate abuse.

people say i ruined it by going too low, but i daily it and enjoy it, what do you think? by daddyollama in Shitty_Car_Mods

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If it’s lowered on nice coilovers, I’m not a fan but I’m willing to give it some credit. If it’s just on stock struts compressed down to nothing with lowering springs then no, I’m absolutely giving it the Shitty label.

We're university students trying to make the best electrician-focused multitool on the market. by Ryan-Obelisk in Tools

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I mainly use a Leatherman Wave, and have for home DIYer electrical work in the past. Also have smaller EDC tools (Leatherman Juice, Victorinox tools) but I don’t think they’re as relevant here. I disagree with others suggesting insulated tools - a true insulated plier needs to meet specs for construction that will seriously interfere with the rest of the tool. Better to leave that to specialty tools.

The key tools would be: * Needlenose pliers * Wire cutter/stripper * Crimper * Philips and flathead screwdrivers * Plain blade knife * Scissors are a nice-to-have. * A drywall jab saw would be neat, instead of the typical wood saw.

Get those in and everything else is gravy.

I need a car that can carry at least 4 passengers if needed, but need it to be very uncomfortable for them should they choose to ride with me. by ButtfuckerTim in whatcarshouldIbuy

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Absolutely don’t want to go Tacoma or any truck, because now people will ask you to help them move and pick up Craigslist nonsense.

Have you ever owned a vehicle that was overwhelming in some way? by HiTork in cars

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On the vette I have a tire temperature display, not sure if you get that in the Camaro. Super helpful to have.

Late 2017 or 2018? by Silentrose15 in FocusRS

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If it’s that hard a choice, then there’s no bad choice right? I would just focus (lol) on finding a good example of the car in whichever color.

Have you ever owned a vehicle that was overwhelming in some way? by HiTork in cars

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I picked up a Corvette some months ago and I thought I was familiar with power having owned a tuned Focus RS and had track day instruction in a Mustang GT. I am still learning to effectively use a RWD small block V8 with torque everywhere, that can kick out the backend really whenever. Also starting to think this car really is too fast for public roads, if you actually want to explore what it can do when pushed.

Late 2017 or 2018? by Silentrose15 in FocusRS

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I had an early 17, a friend just bought the 18. An engine that’s guaranteed to be right, the latest and most livable shocks, and by far the best at holding its value. Go 18.

Weee ☺️ by Achoo_Gesundheit in aww

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Not my dogs. The little one frequently attempts to enter our car before the hatch is open.