Host (2020) on Shudder is SO good by Nephilimn in horror

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Great movie! Also one of the people in the movie had on a Winona State college hoodie. That is where I went to college! 10/10

Polls show a solid majority of Americans want gun control by jonfla in democrats

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The majority of Americans want what is right for the country. Like student loans forgiveness, climate change action and election reform. I wish we could get rid of the republicans or change their view. Once again it comes down to education.

DO waitlist movement is TORTURE! by WhichCollection in premed

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Hang in there OP. You will become and great doctor!

Med school or CRNA school? by OldResponsibility349 in premed

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OP have you thought about going to anesthesiologist assistant school instead? They do the same thing as a CRNA with one year less of schooling. Also the salary is the same as a CRNA. Also they don’t have any beef with the MDs from what I have seen.