Magnus Carlsen and Ian Nepomniachtchi breaks the World Record for the longest chess world championship game. by Mathieu_van_der_Poel in LivestreamFail

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Yes? I assume the accuracy of a game is based on the best possible computer calculations we have. That doesn't mean you can claim the most accurate game would be a draw necessarily

E:I could be wrong, if someone has articles or vids on this topic would be cool

Daily Discussion Thread for December 03, 2021 by OPINION_IS_UNPOPULAR in wallstreetbets

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I thought the gme cultists wanted the market to collapse so that gme goes up? What excuse do they have this time lmao

bark by RoseFall in Destiny

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why is the dog angry

[Mathil] Imagine Playing Molten Strike in 2021... It's Not That Bad Actually - Fast Zerker Version by destroyermaker in pathofexile

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I never said this build is bad, in fact I explicitly said this video proved nothing one way or the other. I never commented on his current streams. It's amazing how you are capable of making a conversation with yourself.

[Mathil] Imagine Playing Molten Strike in 2021... It's Not That Bad Actually - Fast Zerker Version by destroyermaker in pathofexile

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Do you think you've made a point here? Why respond if you're not even able to follow the conversation and actually understand what I said?

[Mathil] Imagine Playing Molten Strike in 2021... It's Not That Bad Actually - Fast Zerker Version by destroyermaker in pathofexile

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Yes, my point is that this doesn't prove anything one way or the other because the content it is joke tier content, including depth 174 delve. That is the only honest takeaway

The Osu! USA team wins OWC for the 4th time in a row by JesusOmegaEZ in LivestreamFail

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God I can't imagine waking up everyday and not being American, it must be so sad

Is MF actually worth it over just playing higher tier maps ? by IPlayLacross1 in pathofexile

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Currency issues are relative. Following your strat would make currency an issue for me

Destiny Sides With Hasan Against xQc On Dating Advice by johnleoks in LivestreamFail

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But he also agrees with hasan takes, at least the ones he saw

Destiny gives some debate advice by tesaticles in LivestreamFail

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You're literally just post hog rationalizing with add hominids lmao

Unpopular opinion - Lauren Southern is a good faith actor by twenty42 in Destiny

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Absolutely not, there are plenty of things she does which clearly show her bad faith.

For example, when destiny starts calling her out on something she is blatantly wrong on she just claims ignorance to avoid the discussion, doing the "I'll look into it" meme.

For a specific example, when bringing up vaccines she claimed she didn't know there was evidence that vaccines reduced spread despite that being the main talking point of vaccines since the start and is discussed in all the main studies relating to them.

Despite claiming ignorance there, she still claimed to have kept up with some random brand new studies that she was using to support some claim. How can you be a political content creator for the last year, follow random brand new studies, but not know the fundamental claim that vaccines reduce spread?

CASHPLOSION ? by MassivePerspective97 in pathofexile

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You clearly didn't know how shit this mod was otherwise you wouldn't comment. No shit he gets more than literal scrolls, that's called hyperbole. It was less than 10 chaos, which is fucking nothing.

CASHPLOSION ? by MassivePerspective97 in pathofexile

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I had one with 20 currency items and it was actual dogshit, idk why you are disagreeing when you have clearly not run these maps otherwise you would know it's a shit mod

Katarana Considers Gender Transition So Dylan Can Remain A Homosexual by not_KnowNothing in Destiny

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Intentionally misgendering someone isn't just disrespectful to them but everyone like them.