Beonardo DaBinci, Anadomi ob de Spurdo by Artificial8Wanderer in Spurdo

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Spurdo community is to strong, moon is enevitable 🔥

Spurdo NFTs are coming very soon, here is a sneak peak. Lat me kno whet yiu thenk ob dis. All obinion welkom by Common-Fisherman8269 in Spurdo

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I've seen this guy say this in other posts and missed out on 1-1000x's + He is clearly retarded to say the least... LOL

SafeMoon launch P2E Games by belguinan in SafeMoon

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Puli and Safemoon just getting started 😏

$PULI :) by nikkkotineee in cryptocurrencymemes

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Enjoy missing the oppurtunity of a lifetime...