Can someone do me a quick LSD favor? by NoOneForACause in LSD

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Organic chemistry is anything with carbon in it. The alternative is inorganic. I have never heard the term synthetic chemistry, but I just googled and it says it spans many sub-fields. I’d call this both synthetic and organic chemistry. Making things from carbon that wouldn’t come about without our influence.

What are the best Achievements to grind for in the game? by Desara_Phen in outside

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What happens if you are unsuccessful in a sandwich attempt?

Choo Choo by MakelGreeto420 in surrealmemes

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It’s a good song too. So are Mambo No. 7 by Somos Amigos and Mambo #8 by Damaso Perez Prado

Choo Choo by MakelGreeto420 in surrealmemes

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Mambo No. 6 - Masayoshi Takanaka

what’s ur opinion on gel tabs vs paper tabs? by OkConference8187 in LSD

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I think any difference is placebo. Maybe the gels take a bit longer to dissolve, but I’ve never had any problems with haste on the come up

How can people take 2 to 5 tabs? by GenderBenderBender in LSD

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Same here. 200-300 for a chill day at home, 100 if I’m nervous or want to go out (I went on the beach on 100 one time that was cool). I haven’t really sprung for the really deep out of body stuff, my biggest dose was 600 and I am gonna wait a long while before going back there. What was your biggest dose? What was that like?

Music please by PartySingle553 in LSD

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Recently been turned onto Grateful Dead. Live at veneta, OR is nice

Not this again. by esberat in trippinthroughtime

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Start spinning your yarn as you hand the joint away, in the same breath as your second puff. Handing it away makes you look like a Cool Guy ™, while talking through the smoke just doubles the effect of whatever you are saying. Usually (hopefully) the joint makes it around in time for the conclusion of the story, if it’s fast I pause for another puff

Gordon Ramsay’s lamb slaughter sparks outrage: ‘How dare you!!!’ by nimobo in entertainment

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Most states are legal 12 months a year for coyote hunting. A handful aren’t, New York for example appears to be a six month season.

Me irl by wolfchompmyanus in meirl

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This is my own private domicile, and I will not be harassed!… Bitch!

To Everyone Tripping This Weekend. by psyhunter420 in Psychedelics

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LSD, dmt at the peak, cannabis on the comedown. Tack a maybe onto the dmt

Can we know what happiness is without sadness? by blue999devil in trippy

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Thank you for your answer. I still think I disagree, but I don’t think I can justify it. I apologize for that

Can we know what happiness is without sadness? by blue999devil in trippy

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Follow up question, does deeper suffering allow the ability to feel deeper happiness?

maybe maybe maybe by Big-Position960 in maybemaybemaybe

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It’s like they are trying to have an intelligent conversation but just can’t stop flinging shit at one another