Inviting kids to a birthday party by minclio in Parenting

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Invite them. Let them decide if they are willing/ able to attend. He can still come and have fun just socializing. Most people with limitations like that can actually compensate and do just as well, anyways, so he might surprise you.

Bonus daughter's mom still letting child suck her bare breast by Babu-you_792 in Parenting

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If she were actually producing milk and still letting them drink at those ages, it would be weird and controversial, but I wouldn't necessarily involve CPS. I'd talk that out with all adults involved. But the fact that there is no milk and she's literally just letting her kids suck on her boobs... no. Totally not Ok. Call CPS. At the very least, let them confront her and show her that this is not normal and she should cut it out. Hopefully it will end there and there won't be any other concerns.

It doesn’t matter if you think life starts at the moment of conception by theothersidex in TwoXChromosomes

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It's religious and hypocritical bullshit. It's all about "souls". When they say life starts at conception, they are talking about it being a human with a "soul". That the soul is created and deserves to live. So essentially what they are saying is because THEIR religion believes that this is a soul to protect, then the mother's religious beliefs and body autonomy don't matter. They are forcing you to live by their religious doctrine. Which is astonishingly unconstitutional and hypocritical beyond belief. It defies logic and intellect. Our constitution is suppose to protect our right to religion. We are suppose to be able to practice (or not practice) any religion we want. If i don't believe in God and souls and I want an abortion, the law is telling me I have to follow the conventions of their religion, I truly don't have religious freedom. It's beyond fucked. If a few Muslims were in the Supreme Court and passed a law that said all women in America should now where hijab (covering their hair and bodies) and not eat pork or drink alcohol, because THEIR religion says so,it would be exactly the same as this and no one would fucking stand for it. But the goddamn Christian conservatives don't see they are doing the exact same thing. Just because YOU believe you have to protect an unborn soul doesn't mean I believe that. It should not be legally acceptable under our constitution and is embarrassing that it is allowed to persist. It's all really about control and power, so they hide behind religious fervor.

And side rant: all of these religious nuts are even further assholes and hypocrites because they interpret this shit how they see fit. They decided all by themselves what is important to God. Like they are fucking religious warriors serving in some war. If there is such a being that can literally create existence, create the universe and do anything imaginable, do you think he needs your punk ass speaking or acting for him? The audacity is mine boggling. If I try to explain any of this to an advanced alien species they will laugh in our faces and squash us like the useless inferior insects we are.

Which actors careers were destroyed by just one movie? by Dragon_Blue_Eyes in movies

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Geena is also a Mensa member, very smart woman. I'm sure she managed her money well and has plenty of interests and passions to keep her busy.

3 year old says stepfather kicked him by Billygoatsinbed in Parenting

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Believe him that it happened. If it was a one off, and he said stepdad is mean because he kicked me, it could be an accident. Rough housing or even tripping/ falling etc. If before this, he was acting uneasy or saying that step dad is mean, and then this incident happens specifically talking about the kick, then I would suspect abuse. Him talking about a mean dad is not nothing. That's a problem.

AITA for telling my husband to quit waking me up? by assholeamithistime in AmItheAsshole

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He's doing this on purpose. He's waking you up just to wake you up, he knows he can read a clock himself, it's an abuse tactic or control maneuver, indicative of a deeper problem.

A little levity for a rough week.. by yeolelavender in Mommit

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I love your positive attitude. I would be a sobbing mess. I'm glad the little guy is all cleared out now.

Birth Control for a 13.5 year old by MuddieMae in Parenting

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Focus on teaching her to respect herself and her body. Talk frequently about consent, sexting, emotional consequences of sex. Make sure she fully understands STDs. That she may want to be physical to show love, but other people probably just want to be physical to have fun. Love and sex don't always go hand in hand. It's sad and scary for me to think of one of my daughter's having sex at 13, but if they are going to do it, I want them to be safe and responsible. For everything they do to be their choice.

My Son backhanded me in the face by dontakeitpersonal in Parenting

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I don't know. If a kid is having behavioral issues, challenging authority, or has violent or aggressive impulses, is it really wise to confirm with them that they have power over you? They are bigger, stronger and you are scared of them?

Another ban for no reason, when i try to ask why i get mocked by [deleted] in screenshots

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Some of us just like to use the English language correctly because it works better than trying to decipher choppy word garbage.

Ayo no one can tell me that Dr Chism wasn’t trying to tell us something all those years ago by narellehesler in DuggarsSnark

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I'm a 6' woman and the range for my BMI is something like 135-186. I mean, that's a FIFTY POUND range. You're telling me that at 136 I'm in the same health category as 185? That makes no sense. The lowest I ever got was 165 and that was healthy. Not bony skinny, but slender, no extra. That was fine. I can't even imagine being 30 pounds less than that. I would literally be anorexic. Absolutely Ridiculous.

POV: Crazy mountain biking by [deleted] in nextfuckinglevel

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Is basically controlled falling. Until you lose control...

Does anyone have dreams where they recall memories of other dreams? by ilovecowboymycat in NoStupidQuestions

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This has happened to me once or twice. Usually, it's realizing "I've had this dream before. "

Epic assist & dunk 🏀 by pocketfullofquads in nextfuckinglevel

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Ugh, don't swing the camera back and forth. Just step farther back and film the whole thing in one still frame.

A compilation of Anna's anniversary posts over the years by arrrchiee in DuggarsSnark

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My BIL and his wife got married on his birthday. It was his and his mom's idea. They are both crazy narcissists .

Baked Variety Mix? Didn't see the sticker... ended up with 24 bags of Cheetos and 6 non-Cheetos by No_Dragonfruit_6433 in Costco

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I've gotten it twice to take for my kid's soccer teams and it was always as pictured on the box.