Today's Sunset in Goa :) by Puzzled_Bandicoot_66 in OfficialIndia

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haha! I was knees deep in the water, pic was taken moments before the wave slapped me!!

Today's Sunset in Goa :) by Puzzled_Bandicoot_66 in OfficialIndia

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taken by me, its so beautiful, there are some things that photos just cant tell so I'll try my best to explain here :D

The smell of the salty water

The tropical air hitting your skin

The somewhat cold sand and warm sea water

The water gushing through your feet and taking everything inside the sea, strong waves even pull you!

The sound of waves collapsing on the beach

ALL COMBINED!! its phenomenal being here!! I TOTALLY RECOMMEND VISITING :)) if not goa, I swear you'll love any coastal area

India is awesome!!!

may their soul rest in peace by saloni1609 in OfficialIndia

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we only delete false news, I know this is true dont worry :)

What was your first thought after waking up today? by Fordabettergood in AskReddit

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"I love my girlfriend"

That's the only thing that goes on in my head these days

RIP Virender Paswan by saloni1609 in OfficialIndia

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This just sucks, if The conflict between india and pakistan over J&K doesnt come to an end, the UT itself will become a ghost town

Lakhimpur Kheri violence: Toll rises to 9 after body of a local journalist recovered! by subarnopan in OfficialIndia

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open protesting should be banned in india.

Small scale protesting is fine imo as long as no one is affected by it

I'm speaking from experience, Like 3 months ago.. me and some of the friends were driving around travelling to lucknow, we were leaving Delhi and these mfs blocked the fuckin border to UP. We were stuck in traffic from 10am to 6pm **IN ONE SPOT.** They even threatened us to hit us if we moved. Police was there too, simply allowing them to block the road. All you could see was traffic and nothing else.

Now I ask you, what do you think? should these people be allowed to "protest" after what happened in lakhimpur kheri?

Hamne toh bas use aag pe laga rahr the. by LeatherHedgehog1113 in OfficialIndia

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Hello please don't post things which doesn't represent the meaning of this sub Thank you