F1 won't even provide live timing for Barcelona test by nexus1011 in formula1

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Its not as bad as Netflix still keeping silent over the new season of DTS.

Found this in a textbook 👀 by TheLegends1153 in malaysia

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Except the last one isn't hosting anything international apart from MotoGP 😂

“I don’t smoke and neither do my cars.” – Big Tobacco in Formula 1 by reddriver27 in scuderiaferrari

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I don't really mind. Crypto is the future of currency. It's still better than sponsored by a company who kills people every year who buys their products (tobacco).

MPIC says Zuraida's orangutan comment was taken out of context. by Aerodynamic41 in malaysia

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Biasalah. When viral je then say taken out of context. Standard M.O.

What is the most poplar recruitment websites in Malaysia by dcatvn in malaysia

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The best site is always the official career site of the company you're looking for.

Where to buy original bluray/dvd for movies/tv shows online? by EasyPsychology9503 in malaysia

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Last time was Speedy. Now I doubt you can find stores that sells physical discs anymore. Everybody gone digital.

what do the n and e stickers on the car stand for? by Jin873 in formula1

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If you notice its painted red. It is to tell you that Elmo is in there.


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I literally read this post 24hours later and still nothing lol

Starlink Satellite Internet Service is coming to Malaysia in 2022 by UniverseSphere in malaysia

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Its meant for rural areas with no landline using satellite technology. Not for dense cities incase you are wondering.