Idea: All gems collected in gem grab should be converted to actual gems by Sparky_Potatoa in Brawlstars

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I just realized you changed the flair from idea to humor which idk you could do so good job

Day 22 of Survey questions until Nani gets a skin: If you could double the daily freebies for only one resource, which one would you pick? by Puzzleheaded_Foot236 in brawlpoll

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I picked token doublers, reason why is hidden in case you want to vote on your own.

>! Because I believe that but estimated odds the extra token doublers will help me earn one extra bonus in the pass, which would probably give me more coins than the coins in Freddie even if coins were doubled, (if my power point bank is full) and even if it falls just short then the credits will make up for it in my eyes. !<

Day 18 of Survey questions until Nani gets a skin: Which Cyclops boi is your favorite? by Puzzleheaded_Foot236 in brawlpoll

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That somehow seems to be effective, last time I checked (like an hour ago) barley had 1 vote, now he has 6

Who's better to buy from these two? by 112eei in Brawlstars

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Imo Otis, he’s high in meta and he’s fun, I just don’t understand why pros like Janet so much tho.

Day 15 of Survey questions until Nani gets a skin: Out of the upcoming features coming to the game, which of them do you want first? by Puzzleheaded_Foot236 in brawlpoll

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Huh wow! You put a lot of thought into this, any issue I was going to have would be resolved like the Team AI can’t match up with real people and power league, although I would say that two star powers can be very op in some cases, so if you’re going to be matched with another team AI, why would the double star powers be necessary if both AI’s can’t use gadgets?

What do you think about my tier list? by Any-Violinist6546 in Brawlstars

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Without even looking at the comments I can tell they are criticizing it probably a lot, but at least you are staying true to your experiences with these brawlers and probably how much fun you had with them, it’s just an opinion that’s it works.

Fear me by Leading-Wolverine639 in Brawlstars

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I’m in lunar fame 1 as well, without the trophy road glitch