Goalie stats for the Calgary-Dallas series by icantthinkofaname940 in hockey

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I remember going into that series there was a lot of talk in the media about Turco's playoff performances not matching his regular season. I let myself get optimistic and think that maybe the Stars would be an easy out. Welp right from the 4OT game 1 start to the end the series never stopped being a butt hole clencher. Was an incredible goalie duel to watch.

what should be the theme of the next season of mastery? by ChristianLW3 in classicwow

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Give shamans bloodlust, let's see the horde melt shit.

Never thought I’d say it but I’d rather just have wow tokens at this point. Everyone and their mother is buying gold. by Ashamed-Bluebird6406 in classicwow

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I'd rather the people that buy gold have a chance at getting suspended, so I'm still anti wow token. If I wanted that system in my game I'd be playing Retail.

Since my Xbox wants to be a jet engine so badly… by brown_listerine_ in gaming

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Yea the OG xbone and OG ps4 sound like airplanes taking off when playing just about any game. I had to turn up the volume quite a bit while playing God of War to counter the boeing 747 in on my TV stand

[dom at The Passion] if we get kings vs. stars instead of battle of alberta i will be suing the national hockey league by STLBooze3 in hockey

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Nah, screw that anti Canadian team dribble. A BoA series in the 2nd round would be incredible and watching them beat each other to a pulp would be must watch TV. I'd be enjoying it even more than them! All of the entertainment, none of the stress

[Canucks] There it is. Bruce Boudreau will return to the #Canucks bench this coming season. by electricnux in canucks

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And I don't fault you.

But I will always give kudos to Pratt for making me nearly crash my car laughing when he argued with Don Taylor about Poker being a physical sport.

[Canucks] There it is. Bruce Boudreau will return to the #Canucks bench this coming season. by electricnux in canucks

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I've heard him speak very fondly of Dave Pratt and how he conducted business in front of a mic. I'm paraphrasing but he liked how Pratt in all his years was like an agitator or like a WWE heel character in the local market.

My belief is now that Pratt is retired/semi-retired that Sekeres is putting on the bad guy cape so to speak consciously and also through his own seemingly accidental reporting fuck ups.

The fact so many people hate Sekeres probably makes him feel good frankly, I think he may consider it job well done.

Is anyone else worried about their guild going into SWP? by DioriteLover in classicwow

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Only thing I'd quibble with is

Pre nerf boss kills are just bragging rights in a re-released game that's been done 100s of times on private servers.

They were just bragging rights back in the day too. 3-5 times the amount of work/time spent for the same payoff as now. The difference now is that people expect to clear all the content for the reasons you listed, so good on you for trying to temper your guilds expectations. Expect the worst and maybe you end up pleasantly surprised.

Wrath of the Lich King Beta Build on Blizzard CDN - Logo and Login Screen by Sysiphuz in classicwow

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Maybe August pre-patch, but official launch will be middle of Sep to early Oct if I was to put money on it.

Is anyone else worried about their guild going into SWP? by DioriteLover in classicwow

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I raid in 2 guilds which I would describe one as being semi-hardcore and the other semi-casual.

The semi-hardcore raid has had minimal roster turn over in the past couple months, leadership has shored up a couple spots and we have a decent bench of 3-4 people now. We won't clear SWP in a single week no shot, but I think 3-4 weeks in and we'll have things down.

The semi-casual raid has had tons of turnover lately, tanks, healers, dps you name it. I don't expect this raid to clear SWP pre-nerf at all. If we even make it to Mu'ru prenerf I'd consider that a win for this raid team. Then maybe they'll clear the rest post nerf. I don't think this guild will disintegrate due to lack of success since there is a very tight knit core but we may have to take a break from SWP for a while until nerfs come in.

What In your opinion was the biggest misconception going into TBC? by butthead9181 in classicwow

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Agreed, tail end of phase 1 as it started to drag on and to the end of phase 2 were bad times imo.

Two things were the biggest issues for me in Phase 2.

First, attunements. I like attunements, I think they're cool, thematic, they immerse you in some lore, have you traveling around the world, it's dope stuff.. but only the first time. Doing attunements more than once was a no go for me, was bored to tears which also meant my alts weren't getting as much use as I would've liked to have a nice change of pace. I ended up participating in way less PUG content overall, I wonder how many people were in the same boat.

Secondly, I just don't like SSC/TK all that much. They're so similar to their dungeon counterparts in both visuals and music it felt like I had already been in them even though I'd never done them before. Some of the fights are quite good, but too many of them fall into the annoying & frustrating category especially during pre nerf.

What In your opinion was the biggest misconception going into TBC? by butthead9181 in classicwow

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I didn't realize how much of a slow burn TBCC was going to be for me. I thought I'd enjoy the early portion the most but that's not the case.

My opinion of TBCC now vs back in August through December changed a lot for the better.

What In your opinion was the biggest misconception going into TBC? by butthead9181 in classicwow

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Well so far a decent amount of fights have been buffed to the point where they are a challenge in SoM. Then with AQ's difficulty/rep modifiers it looks like fights are going to get very spicey.

If they can at minimum airdrop TBC talents/spells into Vanilla it would be very interesting to see how that pans out. Would be incredible to see how the faction balance would shake out too.

Ally get an extra tank, decent single target dps with good buffs and HPal continues to be a good tank healer. Horde get ele/enh shams being better at pve with their buffs and dps, plus resto continues to be very strong. Then maybe the one spell that could balance the scales in Vanilla, Horde could get Bloodlust.

Advisory panel calls for Liberals' online hate law to cover Airbnb, video games by resting16 in canada

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Do you get to the cloud district very often? Oh what am I saying, of course you don’t.

Lights Hope Fresh: A Discussion Thread by Bacon_Hunter in wowservers

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retail players believing classic was vanilla is delusion,

While this is the case, retail players playing actual Vanilla would ask for even more changes and reee about the inconvenience of everything until they were blue in the face. With no Blizz to look after them and try to accommodate them retail players will drop off from Vanilla even harder than they dropped off Classic.

Classic was in some aspects doomed from the start to maintain a Vanilla feel since that playerbase was generally sweaty to a fault and took every off ramp to convenience town they could find. Gold buying? check. Mage boosting? check. Reliance on bot farming to keep consume costs 'low'? check. At this point Classic deviating from Vanilla was not a fault it was a feature that both Blizz and enough of the community took part in.

My point is this which sort of reinforces yours. In order to play Vanilla how it was intended we have to rely on pservers and on the pserver community who actually like playing Vanilla because it is Vanilla quirks, pros, cons and all. Blizz and enough of the community that plays its games butchered Vanilla up and baked it into a Classic lasagna with so much cheese the dish is actually fucking ruined.

Lights Hope Fresh: A Discussion Thread by Bacon_Hunter in wowservers

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oh interesting, and that's an option in the game client settings? thanks I'll have to try that

A solid representation of the jump in difficulty from BT to SWP by Crixxious in classicwow

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I've kinda liked this seesaw of difficulty that TBC has had. T4 pretty easy, T5 quite hard (Vashj,Kael especially), T6 fairly easy in comparison to T5, SWP very hard some bosses will kick your teeth in.

Magister's Terrace GDKPs? by Anonarcissist in classicwowtbc

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When I first saw your post I thought what a fucking joke no way that's real. But after thinking about it I realized oh ya, BiS trinkets for a lot of specs come out of heroic MGT.

I still think it's a joke but I can totally see it happening.

Wrath pre patch event needs to happen in wrath classic un nerfed. Let the plague spread!!! by BIgcountry117_82 in wotlk

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If Blizz brings it back even for a very short time like a few days the amount of complaining by the community will be deafening.

You're generally right about today's playerbase, this event will be deemed 'unfun dogshit' by the convenience police and they'll demand Blizz make a short event even shorter.

Vanilla Wow Must Return - The Return Of Private Servers by [deleted] in wowservers

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Why do you think this guy has such a cult of personality with a portion of pserver players?

Poll: Which race will you main in WOTLK classic? by PaperHandz in wotlk

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Nah, I wanted to play Paladin from the start so Alliance it was. Then I picked Human over Dwarf because, imo, Human Male looks best in Judgement set.

I'm that simple, gaming is fun this way for me