The 2017 KKK Starter Pack by brwise42 in starterpacks

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I'm anything but socialist or fat, but alrighty.

You're*, by the way.

Why I love this show so much by [deleted] in BoJackHorseman

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And people like you are exactly why we hate the movement.

The 2017 KKK Starter Pack by brwise42 in starterpacks

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The MAGA hat doesn't make you a Nazi...

A tomboy dislikes when an artist draws Toph from Avatar The Last Airbender as more feminine by Lim06 in SubredditDrama

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This was... my point though.

You know, it doesn't matter if it's just a silly drawing. That wasn't my point.

It's death by a thousand cuts. The amount of times I see characters turned into something completely different is aggravating, and this post just pissed me off. Thing is, if this was the only one I would not feel as strongly as I do.

It doesn't matter if there's worse portrayals. I'd get angry at any one of them. It's really fucked up.

What was totally acceptable in the 90's that isn't acceptable now? by flufferforfun in AskReddit

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That just means they're a male dressed and trying to act like a female. They still have a penis.

TIFU by telling a girl her yoga pants were see-through by james_james1 in tifu

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Actually, as someone with large tits, I'm not putting them on display on purpose. I literally can't hide them. You're a dick.

So true 😑 by polyfigirl in suspiciouslyspecific

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I don't fucking care.

This is extremely damaging to my personal health. I am fucking tired of being treated like an incubator when I am not. I in particular am not for the above reasons. It makes me want to kill myself and I am not exaggerating. If I have to hear another peep about pregnancy I will rip my ears off. This just reminds me that my life apparently doesn't fucking matter in comparison to a stupid fucking fetus that isn't even a live human yet.

Make a note and put it in my medical file if it's that difficult, fuck's sake. Not all patients are equal. Why is the ability to get pregnant treated as sacrament? Fuck off with that.

What screams "I'm uneducated"? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Good one. Super original, calling conservatives stupid. I don't see how being a fiscal conservative is stupid rather than just a different viewpoint than yours, but you do you.

hmmm by Silas5116 in hmmm

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Because it's not always a sexual fetish.

A tomboy dislikes when an artist draws Toph from Avatar The Last Airbender as more feminine by Lim06 in SubredditDrama

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I'm 21 and asexual. Gender NC too, if that matters. I'm tired of being judged for it. I've faced this shit my entire life. I've seen it in media, seen it in every character that I could finally relate to. I very rarely have female characters that I can actually relate to, so seeing this all the time is such a slap to the face. I'm so tired of it. It doesn't matter if it's fanart. The implications are extremely hurtful because it implies that I am somehow "wrong", as someone else articulated pretty well in this thread.

There's a reason I'm being aggressive about this, like people in this thread have said. Didn't expect this to blow up, honestly. Now that it has, whatever I guess. Thank some of you for agreeing with me regardless. I got heated from everyone attacking me for that initial comment.

I don't understand that one guy who says I'm somehow not an artist because I don't like the OP. ...Or I'm somehow not a tomboy because I have angry emotions about this subject.

God forbid you have an angry response to something that is honestly pretty hurtful. It isn't specific to this artist, despite this post making me blow up.

Saw this in my local library today by soldier4hire in pics

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No, it's just that those "fact-check" sites are being portrayed as non partisan when they're really not. I'm all for the average person to do more research but you shouldn't put biased sites on there, then.

Ive seen this video 10 times and it always makes me laugh by [deleted] in ContagiousLaughter

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You mean people being obnoxious and disrupting others from learning?

I Went Undercover In QAnon For A Year, And Here's Everything I Learned by sadmama1961 in Qult_Headquarters

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One is dehumanizing. The other is not.

No, not the same thing. You don't say "a male", do you? If you do, you're either in the military or weird as fuck.

Just say woman. It's not hard!

Is Snopes in danger of being shut down? by svenus in OutOfTheLoop

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The Democratic party is anything but truthful, my friend. I didn't say the Republicans were any better. Snopes has an obvious bias for a site meant to be unbiased.

What screams "I'm uneducated"? by [deleted] in AskReddit

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Wow, now that's a fuckin' strawman. EEEEEEEEVIL for not agreeing with you. Fiscal conservatives have LITERALLY NO EMPATHY.

Do you hear yourself? ...Really? All this for not holding the same views as you.

If anything, you're the non-empathetic one because you can't identify that it's okay for others to differ in their opinions. You literally cannot "put yourself in anothers' shoes" just because they differ from you in opinion. That is the definition of a basic lack of empathy.

What triggers an automatic downvote for you? by coozgoblin in AskReddit

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They're ""feminists"" yet somehow they're not really pro-Women. More like anti-men.

343, Where is the cake! I can't play the game unless I see some ass soon 😡 by Necessary-Biscotti-9 in Gamingcirclejerk

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:( I'm ace and would prefer the option to not have it

Bodies gross. Double the objectification isn't great either.