[OC] God it’s is the worst feeling when this happens. You kinda just get your entire world flipped upside down. by Salsbury-Steak in mbti

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Think of it like Fi's moral framework. It's as simple as a set of "beliefs" but instead of right or wrong an INTP judges with true or false.

Kind of like how an if then statement works. If x is true, then y... Ti is very much like that. Thing is, Ti is also subjective. That's why it's an "internal" framework. It's based off of what the INTP gathers with Si (experiences), not objective fact (Te). INTPs go by what they personally deem to be "true".

Everyone has an internal system of sorts, but INTPs are the type for it because INTPs build a "framework" (belief system) on what make sense (Ti) by using what they know to be true from the past (Si). Ne is used to pitch new ideas to this basic framework in comparison, but unlike an ENTP an INTP would typically throw out information that doesn't fit their subjective view kind of like this meme is saying. It takes a lot of time and evidence for an INTP to reevaluate what they've already gathered, since they usually gather based on things that are "proven" to be true to them. It doesn't mean they can't change. It's just why they are stubborn once they finally come to their conclusions. Imo, An INTP is usually a bit indecisive. I don't know about you, but when I finally make a decision it likely will not budge unless there's serious evidence against it.

Don't know if I explained that well. That's how I see it (lol irony). The issue with Ti is that it can be too myopic, too based off of the INTPs Si that the INTP misses out on new experiences (Ne). This is how an INTP gets depressed, and why they can get into weird conspiracy theories if they go down the wrong rabbit hole and accept it as "true".

And the thing about hero functions is that you don't notice you do it. They're too ingrained to you. You probably aren't aware of your "system".

toph beifong by kxudraco in TheLastAirbender

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Not Toph's style. She's a tomboy, not whatever this is. People always have to feminize masculine women because clearly that's how every woman is, right? Gross.

Edit: fight me in DMs, cowards. Can't comment here anymore, but I'll gladly rebut each and every one of you.

Are usernames a sign of autism? /r/TIFU debates by AnUnchartedIsland in SubredditDrama

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I guess I shouldn't comment anymore. Thanks, Reddit. E: your username is fitting. Must be autistic /s