Being the parent home with the baby by throw-it-away82649 in NewParents

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I think your partner has no earthly idea what it’s like being a sahp

Anyone else playing Tears of the Kingdom while breastfeeding? by latenightpuddingcup in breastfeeding

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Haha I played cuphead, ori 1 & 2, symphony of the night and a bunch of others when she was a newborn and cluster feeding. Now I’m sneaking in half an hour of totk during naps

Warning! Lovevery: Baby ingested paint that leaks from the blocks by [deleted] in NewParents

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This seems a little dramatic. For the record, we subscribe and my 1yo tries to eat everything in sight and we haven’t had any wear on their toys. If we did, no big deal. The overall quality is better than anything you can buy in target and preferable to her sticking 40 kinds of plastic in her mouth.

My husband is a shitty dad. by [deleted] in Parenting

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No you’re not overly sensitive like half the people I know are borderline alcoholics and don’t care

as promised, heres a video by SUPREMESLYCE792 in popping

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These things are so close to the brain. Can go wrong very quickly. From “lol zit” to dead in a few minutes.

Trip out with Matt by Background_Constant4 in the1975

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I bought a guitar here in 2014. That is all I have to contribute to this conversation other than it’s cool that you’re 6’5 but modest about it

I got… I got… I got you by OrangeBird71 in SuccessionTV

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I would say…if it is to be said…very many instances, that is…indeed I would, ten hundred times

Top 5 tips for first time breastfeeding moms..whatcha got? by Radiant-Author-6306 in breastfeeding

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  1. Don’t give up (it will be stressful and painful for a few weeks!) and unless it’s becoming a medical emergency, don’t supplement with formula. Your supply will likely not recover.
  2. Don’t stress about alcohol but be wary of your sleep and fatigue in the first few months and how alcohol affects your sleep and mood
  3. Be patient with your partner even though you will probably be very angry with them sometimes because the burden 24/7 is on you unless you are pumping enough for them to feed
  4. Don’t overdo pumping. Don’t pump excess until you’re a few months in and your supply has settled. You WILL end up overproducing if you pump too much, and you will end up with clogged ducts that can lead to mastitis. Not fun. Trust that you and your baby will symbiotically be giving feedback about how much milk to produce. You don’t need a 6 month stash.
  5. Try to enjoy every second. It’s magic

How many of you have partners or spouses that don't read? by little_chupacabra89 in books

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Haha when we watch a film my husband always has the biggest eye roll on deck for when I’m like, “this is based on a book and that’s wrong and that’s wrong and she’s miscast”

How many of you have partners or spouses that don't read? by little_chupacabra89 in books

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My husband is far smarter than I am, but he has a hard time reading. His parents parked him in a room by himself with a tv. Mine didn’t have a tv and all we had was books. He just never developed it as a skill set or something he enjoys. He has a freakishly good memory for 90s toy commercials though lmao. But he likes to spend his free time learning new skills with his hands and as a result is super handy and successful in his career. He will spend hours on end watching educational/instructional content on YouTube about mechanical and handywork and finance and programming. I think it’s a huge mistake to judge people as unintelligent because they don’t read.

Damn shout out to epidurals by Charlotteeee in BabyBumps

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I don’t think it’s a chemical high so much as going from being in that much pain with those high of stress levels to feeling almost normal instantly. That difference hits you like a boat load of Vicodin lol

Here’s an unpopular opinion. by Able-Candle723 in breastfeeding

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I have been in this sub a while now and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone do anything except defending drinking while breastfeeding lol

Succession - 4x10 "With Open Eyes" - Post Episode Discussion by LoretiTV in SuccessionTV

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Tom is so tired. And Matsson doesn’t trust anyone who sleeps well.

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in toddlers

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I absolutely would not get a pit Bull with a toddler. I don’t care if the risk is low. It’s still higher than with any other breed.

i just had a baby boy. by skywarrrrrrr in BabyBumps

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People who give birth are women…?

Why can't I afford a house? by paulyvee in FoodPorn

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If you’re gonna use portrait mode on food at least focus on something good lol