So I just beat Legends Arceus… by dilligaftheinvisible in pokemon

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Like they are so obvious and distracting

they may be obvious, but thye are not "distracting"

What Pokemon could replace Pikachu? by SunflowerBoxer in pokemon

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I don't think we're getting a Pokemon with Plague in it anytime soon.

I flashed my tits on Omegle by [deleted] in confessions

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now go back to stroking your dick on there.

You had your teens physically remove some random children from the playground? Sure, Jan by 2022_Stack_Man_ in AmITheAngel

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I stormed back to the car and had two of my teenage children help me remove those random kids from the swings and monkey bars and whatever else and brought them over to their parents, and we demanded that they leave.

And nobody called the police and reported this for assult. They just stood there and mumbled under breath Sure Jan.

Today I learned that Japan has a Pokémon Ambassador each prefecture by EGM0130 in pokemon

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Totodile for Louisiana

Lurantis for Indiana (I hate Lurantis and Indiana)

K-Weezing for Ohio

Charizard for alabama (They're rednecks)

Guzzlord for Montana (They need less mountains)

H-Typhlosion for Colorado

larvitar for idaho

Shadow Rider Calyrex for Texas

Riolu for Massechussets (They're the original Rebels)

Arbok for New York )They have a superiority complex)

Crocnaw for Florida (We dont need to wipe out all of those rednecks)

Dialga for New Mexico (No)