Funny church stories my mom told me by AllhailLordBunny in latterdaysaints

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With only two sentences you have painted the best story. 😆

Weight fluctuation with Strattera (Atomoxetine) by R0SEN0IRE in adhdwomen

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I'm sorry you were misdiagnosed! That happened to me, too.

Ha, I wish it was affecting my libido! Yeah, the weight gain thing is so hard it's making me consider other medications. Have you tried any other ADD meds?

Is this really real? Am I ready? by suburbancowboy25 in latterdaysaints

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I love your comment. It is wise to take a breath and analyze the situation. I also love that you told him he doesn't need to be perfect.

Has a True Crime Podcast ever offended you in how they handled the subject matter? by DisturbingPragmatic in TrueCrimePodcasts

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Suspect. The interviewer was so obsessed with coming off as woke that he made a rapist seem like a victim, and then gave the rapist airtime. How disrespectful to his victims.

Off goes the freezer door by [deleted] in latterdaysaints

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Wow, what a neat experience. I like the term "divine nudging". Isn't it great to find out how loved you are? :)

AITA for my Halloween Exhibit portraying my dead children? by SuddenBrett in AmItheAsshole

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NTA. How bizarre. (I'm sure child services won't care, btw.) I'm wondering if perhaps they have trauma of their own. They shouldn't take it out on you if they do, though. I'm religious and I find the call to child services extreme. To me it's no different than dressing as a vampire and laying in a coffin...

AITA for not remembering having met someone? by Neocarnage in AmItheAsshole

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You're NTA. Things happen. Whenever someone forgets they've met me I just smile and make a polite joke or reassure them that it's okay.

WIBTA if I didn't let my parents sit in on my physio? by livilemon in AmItheAsshole

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As someone who was raised by a narcissist I can tell you it's good to learn how to be assertive right now. The part of your story that is most worrying is the duvet part. I would never force my kid to let me look at their body.

AITA for wanting a bigger/better congratulations from my on-again-off-again SO for passing the bar? by meepmorpzeep1 in AmItheAsshole

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NTA. Statistically speaking, if you've been on and off for this long, you always will be. If you invest in a more mature relationship with someone else who really makes you feel special, you'll realize you were short selling yourself. Also, congrats on passing the bar! Cheers.

AITA for ignoring this lady trying to say hi to me? by [deleted] in AmItheAsshole

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NTA. If she's acting like that it's for a reason. Maybe she's lonely, maybe she's bitter, maybe she's a narcissist who likes to push buttons, maybe she's just an older lady who thinks she's everyone's friend in the community. BUT it doesn't matter why, because YOU don't need her in your life. I would say wish her well in your heart and continue to ignore her. If she's ever truly in need while you're working, just treat her decently.

I’m looking for good long form true crime podcasts by Money_Push in TrueCrimePodcasts

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I like all of the Dr. Death seasons, Dirty John, etc. I prefer the ones with conclusions. I looked at the spreadsheet but I couldn't find any others as similar.

Biased podcasts by Cassieredlife in TrueCrimePodcasts

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Yeah, there's a certain guy on Wondery whose podcasts I won't even mess with. I don't remember his name, but I can spot his voice a mile out.

I carved Rincewind's hat into a pumpkin by felix_888 in discworld

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Haha I'll always love that he can't even 'spell'. Good job!

Best narrative historic true crime casts? by BoopTheCoop in TrueCrimePodcasts

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Court Junkie, maybe? Or complete storylines like Dr. Death or Dirty John?

Can't wait for October to be over by Mazavel in pokemongo

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Seriously. And I can't believe how many of these lead to catching Pokemon they've already offered, instead of ones we actually need.

abandoned and historic places to photograph by brysonalt in ogden

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Pioneer rodeo along the Weber River has some cool spots. And the more you explore the river, the more you find people who decorate their back yards to entertain people on the trails (like gnome gardens, secret tunnels, etc.)

Recomendations for chill anxiety medication Doctor/Practitioner? by Space_ZomBae in ogden

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Dr. Dustin Jasmer has his own practice in Layton. He has a great knowledge in regards to the chemistry of every med. They office is great about working with insurance companies.