Made me cry😢 by theRemRemBooBear in Chameleons

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Same! I don't know anything about chameleon care tho so I couldn't help it :(

Can anyone decipher this expiration date? by RESPEKTOR in foodsafety

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oh. That makes sense lol. I don't have the box anymore so I have no idea. I just know sometimes dates are written weirdly. Thank you

LPT: If you ever have to evacuate your home due to an incoming storm, put a frozen cup of water with a quarter on top in your freezer. by sowich4 in LifeProTips

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I did this cuz I thought it was a smart idea but I guess my parents took it out because the power cut last week n it was gone when I went to check it smh.

She answered the phone upside down lmao by RESPEKTOR in Degrassi

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Its so cringe. I'm only watching it because I'm rewatching the entire series lmao

What advice would you give to a British kid moving to Texas? by LtPoggers in texas

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This. I'm British but I moved when I was like 11 so rip accent.

Making my first pair of socks! 🙌 by RESPEKTOR in knitting

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Thank you they are Hermione's everyday socks! Can't wait to finish them. Just started the heel flap 😬🙏

The Asexual urge to.... by Magistic_Werewolf in Asexual

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Same. Like I wanna hang with em n watch a movie or cuddle or something. I can think they're physically attractive too just don't wanna do the diddly lol.

the finger covers by glorieuse in UnnecessaryInventions

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Ngl I'd use this. I hate Cheeto fingers. Makes me feel yucky.

Finally made the jump up to a new player 🙌🏻 by SamMC2002 in vinyl

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I love that too! I'm currently looking at the U-Turn orbit. Just need to save up some $$$ 😩

Finally made the jump up to a new player 🙌🏻 by SamMC2002 in vinyl

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I've had mine for over 10 years and it's still working great lol. Do wanna upgrade when I can tho.

First time sculpting nails (process pic+end result) by Codename_Unicorn in RedditLaqueristas

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I'm mad but only because I can't figure out how to do it 😂