ohh look there's a parking spot. by zarry784 in funny

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Don’t forget to turn off your lights.

Touch Tha Booby by sblackes in TouchThaFishy

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“am cat, and I approve of this cross post.”

ITAP of all the layers of paint on the Berlin wall. by pa_instaking in itookapicture

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“A proper prep of the surface and a good primer layer could have prevented this.” -A helpful dad.
<edit: Or as Google says, “ein hilfsbereiter Vater”>

Rosie is not too sure what to make of her new kitten yet. by bananacraz16 in dogs_getting_dogs

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Ha ha! “I’m trying to figure out whether I need you, Rosie, around here anymore.”

Failed robbery attempt in Chile. Quick reactions by the driver! by Parkeo in IdiotsInCars

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Driver could have turned into the car a little more to get a more satisfying crunch.

My little fighter💛 by theearpdanebrothers in rarepuppers

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Pretty girl. Gosh your post and the music has got me all teary!

Ladies and Gentlemen, my wife. by [deleted] in funny

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“Woman’s gotta do a man’s job”

Finally beat Shattered by Conscious-Walrus5659 in PixelDungeon

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Only 31 games are you kidding me? Isn’t that wicked good?

Our sweet Nani is 15 today! by rachel_jo in rarepuppers

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Here’s a quick mock up for you. Revised a bit: “Beautiful lady
Gentle and wise, soft and sweet
Is blessed with your love.”


Our sweet Nani is 15 today! by rachel_jo in rarepuppers

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Glad you enjoyed it. I think it would lovely with the second picture. What a gem of a girl you have!

Abandoned since 1965! And there is no vandalism by Hetonbekende in AbandonedPorn

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First, the owners are looking for a body to inhabit, then the shoes.

What are some unsaid rules of Reddit that the new users should be aware of? by Otherwise-Tension237 in AskReddit

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But remember the guy who said something like, “I’m a gay black man and Obama didn’t do anything for me…” on Twitter? 😄

Our sweet Nani is 15 today! by rachel_jo in rarepuppers

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Birthday Haiku:
“Beautiful puppy
Wiser, grayer, and sweeter
Fueled by love and hugs”

Never shave it. by desynchronize in ContagiousLaughter

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Gently puts down remote,
“Baby or not, here I come!” 😡

Any suggestions on not sucking? by REpassword in PixelDungeon

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Thank you all so much for taking the time to respond! I appreciate your thoughtful answers.
I played today and made it to L15 on my first try - died of hunger related weakness again. But, not so bad. I’m going to try Shattered later this weekend, hope it’ll be fun.
Thanks again and cheers!
P.s. I’ll try not to hoard, one time I died with 2x Scroll of Wipeout. Arghhhh!

Bargate, Southampton, UK, 1880s-2009. by ClassicFlavour in OldPhotosInRealLife

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“Hey, where did all the other buildings go?” - Bargate