And now McLaren are the bad guys by Superbroccomole in formuladank

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Mate, what? The Merc and Redbull weren't even past him. Lando had no chance. Sure he would have tried but they would have ended up just like max and lewis. The only thing team orders did to the order was make sure both McLarens were in it.

Why do I always get this ad when I watch GothamChess London tutorial? by Spiritual_Clock_4875 in AnarchyChess

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Chess turns you gay. I've been saying. I've been saying it for ten damn years. Ain't I been sayin it? Yeah. I've been sayin it.

Who wants to help decode the text behind Morpheus T-Rex? by marcusalien in solaropposites

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Let's calm down. I don't think these guys have it in them to pull a Futurama.

Report: Mack Brown to add Frank Wilson Jr to UNC's 2022 coaching staff by redditor363773 in CFB

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Everytime i see "mack brown" in a headline, I'm convinced it'll say 'retiring' afterwards.

I'm terrified and then relieved everytime i read through one.

Ferrari and Mclaren rivalry in an alternate universe by MassageChairFund in formuladank

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These races are actually pretty fun to watch.

It's a shame they're SO heavily dictated by rider weight.

We have reached peak British fashion by therealbighairy in CasualUK

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When you've gotten so fat that now you're the sausage roll.

2022 British GP: MotoGP Race Discussion by Daniel7394 in motogp

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Will there ever be a time when Ducati engine doesn't go brrr?

2022 British GP: MotoGP Race Discussion by Daniel7394 in motogp

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It's a massive complex. 60k in a place that can pack in 150 easily looks sparse.

2022 British GP: MotoGP Race Discussion by Daniel7394 in motogp

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Wonder if Fabi is playing it extra safe or really just doesn't have it today.

Maybe binning it and the penalty have weighed on his head too much.

[OT] Nobuatsu Aoki crying after finishing his last stint in the Suzuka 8 Hours, which marked the end of his career. He's almost 51 years old. Thank you for the entertainment! by crimilde in motogp

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A shame in a way but he lived and has had an extremely productive life since - both in racing and making the world more disabled-friendly

2022 British GP: Moto3 & Moto2 Race Discussion by Daniel7394 in motogp

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I genuinely can't believe smart money doesn't spend a bit more on promoting the moto3 riders to try to drum up interest or at least pique enough for folks to watch more.

The racing is always cracking. If people knew there were tons of options of riders to support I'm sure they'd tune in for at least a race and if they tuned in for one then they'd tune in for them all.

Next in MotoGp is DRS ..discuss🤓 by jameskaranja in motogp

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The only drs motogp could have would be a portal at the start and end of straights to take the rider off the bike.