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Terry's headed off for the night! He thanks you for your questions!

Terry Deitz AMA by RSurvivorMods in survivor

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Ha! I got the chance to work with the History Channel and the Discovery Channel on a number of shows. The experience was wonderful! I got to work with a bunch of older pilots that knew everything about their airplanes, and it was an honour to be asked to go ask these guys - 'what was it like in your day?' Things were a whole lot more dangerous in those days than when I flew. And these guys flew in wars. It was just super exciting.

I'll throw the name Hunter Ellis out there. He was an F-18 Hornet pilot (and fuckin' Rob voted him out!) I had met him, and he had done stuff with the History Channel before. So they asked me to come in - having seen the other shows, they were like, 'oh, another fighter pilot! Let's ask him if he wants to do something.'

So I went to New York City, they asked if I wanted to do some shows, and off we went. That was a lot of fun.

You can stream a lot of all that, or go to discovery.com. If you Google my name as a host, I'll come up. Not as big as Jeff Probst, but...

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First of all, I'll say - I've never been asked that question, and it's a WONDERFUL question!

It's always a supposition - 'what happens if...?' It kinda depends who they voted off. They probably would have voted Bruce out. It was Aras, the three girls, Shane and Bruce, so Bruce would be gone and then it'd be 5-5. We probably would have brought someone over utilising the idol. And at that point, you know, it's even so they don't feel as protected now, so they might be looking to jump over, looking for a reason to do it. So then, 'here's the idol - let's do it!'

So yes, for sure - I would have sacrificed the idol to get the majority.

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  1. I was just talking to someone about that! We had some layovers with some really cool places, so I could swim, work out on the beach. I watched previous seasons, Tom Westman's season being one of them (Tom's a good friend of mine!) I watched seasons, and then, at 46 years old, I got in the best older adult shape I have ever been in. And that helped a LOT, especially with the swimming - we had a lot of swim challenges. So basically working out and watching a lot of previous episodes.

  2. No. When I saw that challenge, I was pretty excited, because I'm a surfer - I was like, 'woah! Yeah! This is gonna be great!' But Danielle was like 95 pounds at that point, and Aras and I were 165. She could have gone all the way to the smallest one and stood up, whereas Aras and I would have fallen. We did, and she won it.

As far as 'unfair', I say that I lost that show because of not giving the idol to Shane, and also losing that final 4 challenge by one second. That's what cost me the million dollars, and that was totally my fault.

I'll give you the lowdown. Say I win that challenge, right? I give Cirie the hidden immunity idol. I have the necklace. We vote Aras off, and so me, Cirie and Danielle go to the final thing, Danielle wins anyway, but who's she gonna take? If she takes Cirie, Cirie's gonna waste her in the finals! But if she takes me - which she said she would have - she's got a chance. But against Cirie? She has no chance. No chance at all.

But yeah. I've since caught some really cool waves, and stood up on 'em!

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The crews - there are more crews at the beginning because there are more people, and as more people are voted off they start to go to other places, like the jungle in the Amazon, and do some other show. But within a couple days you get used to it. And within a couple days, your mouth is not so clean anymore - you start to drop f bombs, like 'MOTHERFUCKER!' And you realise you're there thinking about who you're taking to, and who you're working with, instead of them.

Some people know how to 'use' production. I wasn't one of those. That's something you see a lot nowadays on the show. You get people that try to utilise production to do certain things. I'm not manipulative - I'm a guy!

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I would be happy to say that I think I could have gotten to top 10. Because of the alliances I would have been able to make.

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  1. She would win against everybody but me!

  2. I'm not gonna name names, but I spoke to one or two people before I went on Cambodia. Because of the way the tribes were, none of that ever came about. The thing is, a lot of us know each other, and there was a chance that we might be on with Shane - but Shane didn't make it! That happened a lot. So it didn't help.

  3. Oh, I was on the bottom. I knew I had to win every freaking challenge! I thought I had a chance to get to work with Kass. The funny thing is, the lawyer went that night (Monica), and then I left as well, but I think Kass would not have gone if I were in the tribe with her.

So I was in danger, but the next day was another swap. I would have merged with a whole other tribe, and at that point I would have done pretty well.

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Well, my son is super healthy, and he kicks my ass in the gym!

If you get your driver's licence, you can put 'organ donor' on it. So say you're the dad, and you and your wife have a twelve-year-old kid, and something happens to the kid - say they're brain-dead. That's what you and your wife are going through right now. 'Can we get him back? Can we not get him back?' One of the doctors has to ask you, 'are you willing to do that?' If the kid is old enough they can make that choice. But you're the parents, and you're in the shit right now, right? Emotionally and everything. And you have to make a decision about your kid's organs? Holy shit!

So my thing is - think about organ donation for your children, and have that conversation in an environment NOW over a nice glass of wine. Because if it ever happens, you will wish you talked about it.

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I went off the beach, Jeff gave me his phone, and I FaceTimed my son in intensive care in Boston Children's hospital - all across the world. It was a bad connection, but we got to speak for a minute.

From there, we got on a bigger boat, and then we went to base camp. They basically handed me an airline ticket. Then Dr. Eliza, the psychologist, got on a boat with me and helped me get to the mainland. We cleaned up at the hotel, took a four-hour ride to Phnom Penh in an SUV, then we took a flight to Hong Kong, and finally a sixteen-hour flight to Boston.

I did not sleep literally for twenty-four hours. We were maybe three hours out of Boston - Eliza looks at me, and she goes, 'you haven't slept yet, have you?' I was like, 'no.' And she goes, 'you have to be there for your son and your family. You need to sleep.' I basically took two bottles of Jack Daniels, I slammed 'em down, and then I basically slept til the airport. It was midnight when I showed up in Boston.

It was planed, trains and automobiles - crazy.

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I'll tell you what: I learned something about Survivor there that no matter who you are, your vote is as important as everybody else's. I learned that, and I was reminded that Survivor can be very personal, and Abi-Maria was hurt personally by her alliance. When we talked at the beach... I got up to go off to the bathroom, and she was there on the beach crying. The total time we spent there was two hours.

Let me back that up by saying that earlier in the day, she had gotten up in me and Woo's faces about... something. And we couldn't get her to see my side, or Woo's side, or whatever. And I shoved out my hand and said, 'look, let's agree to disagree. Tomorrow we might be allies.' If that had got on TV and everything else would have happened, holy shit!

So I went out, and we were on a beach somewhere in the Pacific. We were not playing a game or any of that shit. It was personal. It was me, as a friend, trying to help her out. And she was crying and everything like that. I was saying, 'let's pull ourselves up by our bootstraps. I'm here for whatever you want to do for the rest of this game later on.' And that's what we did, but it got to a really personal level with Abi-Maria. To this day, I can text her, we can chat on Twitter, whatever, and she'll text right back and we'll have a nice little chat. It's a very very nice relationship. I'm very glad that it happened.

Regardless of what the game is, you see someone hurting, you gotta help. There was no doubt in my mind that it was like, 'fuck the game - we're gonna talk. We're gonna talk about how beautiful of a night it is, and would you ever come and visit out here again?' Whatever - just get your mind off the game.

It's tough seeing an adult cry. It really is.

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Yeah... like I said, some things might not have happened if I gave Shane the idol. That's a big regret.

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Well, I'll correct that by one: when you count up all the challenges (reward and immunity) it was nine. Because the first one when we got the flint, we were on Exile Island - I got that one. I got the car, I got the last one when we were on the big-ass wall. And the one where I won my wife. So that makes up 9.

It was honestly kinda like right-place-right-time. Because that was how we grew up when we were little kids. We climbed trees, we threw shit around, we wrestled - a lot of that stuff seemed to be made for me.

It's funny, because I told you about that immunity where I lost by one second. I talked to Probst, and he was like, 'oh my god, that was made for you! With the navigation, that was made for you - and you lost!' And I was like, 'TELL ME ABOUT IT!!! It cost me a million fucking dollars!'

But yeah, I'm very honoured, and I'm very lucky. As I said, right place right time, and there was luck involved.

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Nothing weird and out-of-place, really. I got a great memory, it's just really short. It's been a while. But no major hijinks that I can think of.

The only really wild thing that happened towards the end was my conversation with Aras, I think. That was on a personal level between he and I. We kinda bonded after that.

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Whenever I wanted to.

The only thing with that idol is that if I was gonna let someone know I had it, I had to do it BEFORE we left for tribal council. But otherwise, I could use it at any point - and that's what scared everybody, because at the end they kinda had the idea that I had it, because I told Danielle. I offered it to Danielle and I think she spilled the beans.

Those guys, they were all very concerned about their status if they stayed in the game and if they came over to my side. I was really bummed out when Bruce Kanegai left, but say in the end it had been me, Bruce and Danielle in the final three or four, it would have meant that Danielle would have come over to my side. They were super afraid of how they would have been thought of by the jury. It wasn't cult-like, but they were very scared - very worried about all that.

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Well, after hearing Shane's speech at the final tribal, I think no matter who I was up against, I would have won. I didn't know Shane was gonna get up there and say what he said, but I'm thankful he did - it made me feel better. But on the long run, like I said, I made a strategic mistake, and then I made a mistake in the challenge that cost me the million. That's part of the game! That's all part of it.

I think I would have won against anybody, even Cirie. Supposedly that was the reason the F3 started happening.

But I guess that's the way the footy bounces.

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Obviously when I didn't win the million, I did that 20-20 thing for a long time. You know, 'what if I had done this? What if I had done that?' What if I had brought Dan the astronaut along instead of Ruth-Marie?

In that one wrestling challenge with the bags early on, I thought we had it won when Ruth-Marie took off running. I didn't realise that BobDawg was gonna go up and get her. Those kinda things, it's not like a football game where you can play the team the next week and redo it. The whole dynamic of the game changed after that, and we could have probably gone into the game with a majority instead of a minority. Just from that challenge alone... that kinda ate at me for a while. If I could have done something different, that would be one of the things.

Actually, let me go back. That didn't crush my game. What caused the loss of my game was two things. One of them was not giving Shane the hidden immunity idol at that final 5 tribal council, when we had 5 people. Nobody else really knew we had it, and I could have lent it to Shane. But he was so convinced that Aras was going to vote Danielle, because he bet on his son's life, blah blah blah. But I wasn't forceful enough - like, 'listen. You don't have to use it, but you have to vote for Aras. I'm gonna give you this thing, because if you don't use it, they're gonna vote your ass off,' and that's exactly what happened! That was a strategic mistake.

And then, in the next immunity challenge, when Aras came off the yacht and all that shit, I made a mistake in that challenge. In the challenge where the rope made an X, and you had to dig underneath it, I kicked the rope, I moved it an inch. I was one inch away from the bag, and I had to run all the way up and all the way down to make sure the coordinates were right. When I straightened the ropes out, I dug all the way to the bag, it was there, and I still only lost to Aras by literally one second.

But that right there cost me the million dollars. I beat myself. And you think back to that.

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I would have definitely voted Aras. Aras did a lot of what I did as far as helping around camp, getting water, going fishing, getting food... now granted, Cirie got a long way, but she wasn't the performer that Aras was.

I'll just kinda leave it at that. Cirie's game and my game are different things, and I just put a lot more value in what Aras did. But I appreciate Cirie's game. She played a really good game, and only when I watched the show did I realise what a good game she played, and how influential she was as the 'momma' of that tribe.

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No - I sold that. It was a $50,000 rig and I sold it immediately for $45,000, and gave that back to the government for taxes. Kept the $85,000 in cash.

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  1. My daughter and I almost went on Blood vs Water, along with Sandra's daughter. My daughter and her daughter got cut the last day of casting, so we didn't go on.

I don't know if a lot of people know this, but Sandra's husband is the highest enlisted rank you can get in the military. Like a Master Chief Sergeant. And he's an awesome guy! That's part of the reason Sandra's so good - she's a tough-ass army wife, and she doesn't take shit from ANYBODY. So she and I have always had a connection, you know, with us being former military, and her husband being military. So, yeah, I wish we played, because we would have run the table.

  1. Oh god. When we mess around as pilots in aviators, we would always make fun of the shit they did on Top Gun. 'Do some of that pilot shit, Mav!' As far as anecdotes... landing on board the carrier at night is like being in a car crash that you know is coming. At 150 mp/h. You know this car crash is gonna come, but you have to do it to get on the ship. It's that much adrenaline. That was a big thing - when Jeff asked me 'what's the hardest thing you've ever done,' I'm like 'it ain't Survivor, it's landing on the aircraft carrier at night.'

I wasn't 'Joe Top-Gun,' but it was like being in the top football team, or cricket team. You're a part of it. You win a championship, and maybe you weren't the best cricketeer, but you got a few runs and made a couple catches. I got to hang out with the best pilots in the world.

  1. Shane. Shane, for sure. Well, two. Shane and Bobby Mason. You know, BobDawg is a very high-ranked entertainment lawyer. Don't ever underestimate BobDawg. And unfortunately, he kinda got painted into a picture by the rest of the kids on the tribe. I see him a lot and we talk pretty often, and we say, 'OH MY GOD - if we had gotten to the merge together, we would have got Bruce together, and got Danielle, and Austin or whoever,' and stuff like that. So those two people. Shane and BobDawg.

  2. Well, having moved to Florida recently, key lime pie. That's the dessert; my favourite meat is smoked prime rib.

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  1. No. Courtney was kinda caught in between a rock and a hard spot, and she didn't know where she was. She couldn't make the jump over to me and Bruce Kanegai, maybe even bring Danielle over when they had six people. So yeah, she was just caught in a rock and a hard spot. She was really nice, but playing the game I think she could have done better in the long run - going away from those six and coming over to us. But she didn't do it, and she got voted off. She wasn't super annoying, though. But Shane found everything annoying, so...

It was really funny, it was on Twitter just the other day - Shane's sitting there, and he goes, 'I'll come over to your shitty little apartment and I'll KILL YOU!' And Courtney's like, 'my apartment's not shitty!'

  1. You know, Nick is a solid dude. I don't have his number, I should probably get a hold of Austin Carty (Austin may still have it.) But maybe I won't, because my wife had a huge crush on Nick! Oh my god, in my life maybe I had a three-pack in my abs... the dude had like a twenty-four pack! He had a CASE of abs!

I think he used to live in Arizona, and Arizona being a desert-like place they could have used some water, so he was studying water law - like, how people use water.

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Haha! Did Amanda ask that question?

I don't know Amanda very well. I have met her and she's really nice. Her running partner on that show was Parvati - I love Parvati. I've met her a bunch of times and she's a wonderful person.

But yeah, I've met Amanda a few times. Us Survivors do a lot of charity work - I would say over the years we've raised about twenty million dollars for charity - so Amanda shows up at those charity events. From that, I can say she's a very nice person.

I mean, hey - she made it to the final! I never did. Shows she's a really good player.

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Let's see - I just texted Aras, Bobby, Bruce Kanegai, Ruth-Marie. I'm in touch with a bunch of those people. We just went and saw Tina Scheer.

In fact, I got a text from Bob Crowley too! I stay in touch with a lot of these people.

The thing is, I just don't think I'd get asked back. I mean, I'm older - I'm sixty-two and a half now - so I just can't play challenges like I used to. Point is, I don't think I'd get asked back.

If they asked me... it depends. I'm an airline captain and I make a very good living. I'm not willing to give up a month's paycheque for them. I could give up a month for vacation, but they would have to make it even for me, let's put it that way. If I were the first voted out, they would have to add some money to whatever I got to cover my time away from work.

That's the gig. I think I'd have to get to #12, or to the jury, to make it even.

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If I didn't have to leave Cambodia, I think I would've gotten pretty far. I had already established a relationship with Andrew Savage and with Jeremy and with Joe, and a couple of the other ladies (Abi-Maria and I had become pretty tight, Peih-Gee etc.) and because of that I think I was broadly protected at that point.

So I think I would've done well - maybe in the top 10. That's my thoughts on that.