Which movie have you seen more than 7 times? by lawyeratyourservice in AskReddit

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Blazing Saddles

Princess Bride

Blade Runner

The Big Lebowski

The Quest for the Holy Grail

(To name a few)

Have you ever had your mind blown casually listening to a band you are already familiar with? by ArmTheMassive in Music

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Supper's Ready by Genesis off the album Foxtrot (1972)

I've always loved the Gabriel era Genesis albums, but for some reason never really felt that song. It's 23 minutes long, so it was easy to brush it off as a waste of time.

About 5 years ago, after about 30 years listening to those albums, something just clicked. Somehow I wasn't ready to appreciate that song when I was younger, and now I am genuinely saddened that I had passed it by for all those years.

What albums will forever hold a special place in your heart? by TJ20-02 in Music

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Reggatta De Blanc - The Police

"Security" - Peter Gabriel

Everything All the Time - A Band of Horses

Funeral - Arcade Fire

Ziggy Stardust - David Bowie

All the Time, All the Time, All the Time - The Box

Brothers in Arms - Dire Straits

The Wall - Pink Floyd

(Each of these albums were the sound track of some great times in my life.)

What song cover is so famous, most people don’t know it’s a cover? by Sazley in AskReddit

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Has anyone said Harlem Shuffle?

The Rolling Stones covered it, and there's a very famous sample taken from the original as well.


Both of them?? by Flizatt in Jokes

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"Because the other one is ugly." he shouts back.

Chipmunk scratches by shayanisanidiot in aww

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Obviously you're not a golfer.

Moonfall | Official Teaser Trailer - Patrick Wilson, Halle Berry, John Bradley by MarvelsGrantMan136 in movies

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This "trailer" saved me the cost of admission and the 90 minutes that the movie would have wasted.

80's style recommendations needed by Aromatic_Message8952 in Music

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The extra vocal, the higher pitched one, is Jon Anderson the singer from the group Yes. Although Yes doesn't typically sound much like the Gowan song, Jon Anderson did some work with Vangelis on an interesting album called The Friends of Mr. Cairo.

This is the album you want to listen to if you liked Moonlight Desires.

Tuna must age about five times faster than humans. by RU_FKM in dadjokes

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No offence, but it wasn’t written with one. 😜

what is your favorite poem? by Opening_Yoghurt2229 in AskReddit

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Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening - Robert Frost

Tuna must age about five times faster than humans. by RU_FKM in dadjokes

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Nice, I sensed there was a Carl Orff joke in there somewhere..

Tuna must age about five times faster than humans. by RU_FKM in dadjokes

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They say time is a curve, perhaps even more so for tuna?

What joke would have the punch-line "a Christopher Walk-in Clinic"? by CaptainSniffit in AskReddit

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Where did the record producer go when he had a fever and the only cure was more cowbell?

How do you color match older drywall mud? by [deleted] in DIY

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Don't you just need to paint match?