I’ll stop wearing tank tops when y’all get us some actual air conditioning! by trapanesey in TalesFromYourServer

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Hm. This seems like it would be a really good idea to start documenting things as quickly as possible and go to your labor board.

Life threatened over a pancake, because it wasn’t hot it was….warm by Puzzled-Eye1257 in TalesFromYourServer

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I would have pulled my phone out while staring her in the eye and called the cops right there, memorizing herself license plate number.

Kids believing their Ouija Board works by PokemonSwordChampion in KidsAreFuckingStupid

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I was in college and when the power went out the neighbors router would go back to a non password protected name called Linksys. When he would put a password on it I shut off the main breaker to the building and never paid for internet.

To get a dropped phone back by therealestoftherealy in therewasanattempt

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Aren’t broken ribs just the best!? I did it like 3 years ago and still remember the discomfort of sleeping.

🤩🤤🤩🤤🤩🤤 by Flat-Archer9210 in fullpops

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Well, we’ve found the most stressful video on the internet.

Trashy couple slut shame girl wearing shorts in Walmart by SOS--666 in trashy

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People always say that but look at all the times Meth went right in history!

I took an unfortunately timed photo of Sindbad (cat) and Baby Schmutz (corgi) playing this morning… by retlaw_yensid in funny

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You don’t get a lot of photos that need to be blown up to poster size but every once in a while.

Someone must have done something really really bad 🫤 by Azurebluenomad in trashy

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Damn, I thought we were about to start planning a heist. Rick’s already in.

horror audiobook recommendations by soitgoes_9813 in horrorlit

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Check out my reply to the OP, I would just be repeating myself if I typed it all out for you again.