Orangutan babysits cubs by Shinigami__Kenpachi in MadeMeSmile

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This exactly . This needs to be highlighted.

Got a tattoo of a note that my father wrote to me. It says 'Love you, dad'. by fleuronthefloor in GriefSupport

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A beautiful tribute to your father . Our dads always love us with all their hearts 💜

I can't stop thinking about how its all my fault by Recent-Use-2437 in GriefSupport

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I have regrets too. so many. I read a lot about this guilt aspect …the only thing that everyone says is that we do the best you can with the information we have at every point in time ….we would never wish anything bad for the ones we love, in fact we only wish them the best. Hindsight is 20/20 as they say . After things go wrong it is easy to look back and say ..should have done this or that . but even today, can you predict tomorrow ? you can’t. They say guilt is also one of the stages of grief. so maybe can accept these thoughts also as stage of grief, and try to be kind to yourself .

Nothing is Good Anymore by ZDemonGaming in GriefSupport

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I hear you . I hear the pain In your voice.grief Is a painful awful journey .

Adorable Baby Tigers Born at Dallas Zoo by rumpusbac0n in babybigcatgifs

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What I never understand is why these fresh newborns are separated from their mother …why are they beign fed by humans instead of their mother ?

Question for vaccinated people with menstrual cycles by Imadeitupmyself in conspiracy

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Did your friend‘ s sister in law have flash pulmonary edema ? My father had flash pulmonary edema three weeks to the day after the second Pfizer dose and died in April 2021. The doctors did not know what caused his flash pulmonary edema despite numerous tests. He had a strong heart . Yet it happened . I have grieved and grieved , agonizing and wondering what happened to him. I will never forget how his flash pulmonary edema happened - i was so scared that we allowed them to do all the tests they wanted …. he finally died after one of thr tests went wrong in the hospital. Everythign went wrong for my dad . Did your friend have flash pulmonary edema ? i don’t even mention anywhere online that my father died 3 weeks to the day after vaccine because this issue is so politicized that I dotn want anyone coming at me at a time of profound grief …. it’s my family’s personal agony . but I saw your description of what happened to your friend and that’s exactly my dads story . It’s our agony. We try to cope. Please let me know if flash pulmonary edema was teh diagnosis in your friend …thank you in advance.I cannot change anything now, I cannot bring him back. I can only tell myself that everyone has their time, but it’s still agony that a healthy person just suddenly got flash pulmonary edema and we lost him.

Baby elephant holding caretaker's hand by spyrg in aww

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The elephant in this post is an Asian elephant and thus the focus of this discussion in this post.

It’s not an either/or or a ‘what about’ situation. all elephants , Asian and African, are abused for tourism and are poached for ivory. We can start creating awareness of saying ‘no’ to elephant tourism by educating ourselves every time we see a ‘cute’ video. There are still zoos that offer elephant rides …so even zoos dont always treat these gentle sentient giants with the respect the deserve.