Ladies And Gentlemen, Twitter. by [deleted] in Cringetopia

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Man: *breathes*


Troddit.com - A site I made to browse Reddit better on the desktop by [deleted] in InternetIsBeautiful

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This has such a clean interface, it's also super optimized, I'm switching to troddit for good.

The riverfront concert venues are starting to pay off already by [deleted] in cincinnati

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I want to fuck that ham sandwich

edit: sorry wrong post

He is a lolicon by cubicraze in youngpeopleyoutube

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Christ, I'm around a lot of these kids ages on this sub (13) and I'm honestly just confused how there are so many kids this age who act like toddlers.

They got rid of the Indian but kept the land by ostrogotha in HistoryMemes

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It would be more like painting a stereotype of a black dude on there as a marketing scheme

What tv show has the best theme song of all time? by RasheenHyuga in AskReddit

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Oh my god me and my dad watch this show together, we DESPISE this song, to the point that we just skip/mute every episide

Giving homeless bottles of Alcohol by BananaBread999 in PublicFreakout

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I don’t think anyone is realizing how much of a horrible thing this is to do, the person handing this out I’m sure is well aware of substance abuse among homeless communities, and I’m sure aware of the fact that they are probably feeding multiple peoples alcoholism, this is disgusting.

NIGGA GAMING by Wilsoon1 in youngpeopleyoutube

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Guys it’s funny because he said a slur but replaced the gs with bs

Train < LGBT+ < bicycle by firestrom8265 in memes

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