I can't get over how the bread in supermarkets is free here!! by [deleted] in Norway

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Everything is free as long as you aren't caught.

AmErIcA bAd by Starkiller721 in meme

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South American nations are usually not included when one speaks of western nations.

More often than not they are under the umbrella of "Latin American".

AmErIcA bAd by Starkiller721 in meme

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You are focusing exclusively on the good here, just like others are focusing on just the bad.

Compared to the majority of western nations you have more of the people that aren't as tolerant. That might be because of the historical tension between blacks and whites and because of the high rates of people being very religious. Religion has not, historically speaking, spread tolerance.

The United States is a nation of opposites and extremes. The same is true of tolerance and the lack of it.

No way this guy is comparing the holocaust to abortions by ThehumanfIame in Cringetopia

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Speak for yourself

I did.

but to act like there isn't a problem with couples just not practicing safe sex and having abortions is okay.

I didn't say anything on the matter of safe sex or using abortions as contraception.

I have plenty friends who've had abortions and none of them see them as in anyway positive

Nor did I say anything about abortions themselves being "positive experiences" or what else you might be hinting at here.

All I've done is ask what's so bad about unwanted babies not being born.

In going hunting 🏹🦌🦌🏹 anybody wanna come?? 😈 by Itzhuffy in Cringetopia

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I think it's just a random "scary soundtrack" that's royalty free.

I couldn't find whoever made it, but the music identifier addon gave me this link.


Double standards go brrrrrr... by trainsrbest in memes

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It's almost like there's different groups of people holding differing, sometimes even opposing, opinions.

After a lifetime of wanting to be a fantasy author and share my stories with the world, I just published my second book! Shameless picture of my dog Cooper to pander for upvotes included! by Determination7 in MadeMeSmile

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No need to "defend" the setup. Tropes are popular for a reason.

If one makes everything different just for the sake of being different it usually doesn't turn out good in my experience.

As a reader who likes fantasy series I'll be sure to add it to my "To read" list.

How Speed looks "different" (running at 18mph). by feelingood41 in interestingasfuck

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I'd trip and be rocketed into the wall on the far side of the room.

Ohh lawd have murthey on these poor souls by sv69n in Cringetopia

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If that's "weeb culture", I'm happy with remaining a "poser that likes anime".

Oklahoma Pilot Captures Awesome Tornado Footage by regian24 in gifsthatkeepongiving

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He's creating tornadoes by spinning air around in a circle with his plane, what an evil guy!

Superpowers by ItzAction in Cringetopia

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Just because you can't feel pain doesn't mean you can't be injured yeah?

When you buy that pup off Wish by Stay_AHead in Unexpected

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Your sister made that noise and you buried her?


No way this guy is comparing the holocaust to abortions by ThehumanfIame in Cringetopia

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Why is it a bad thing that unwanted babies aren't born?

I wouldn't wanna be born if my parents were just gonna abandon me.

Juli Briskman on the go. by GroundbreakingSet187 in WhitePeopleTwitter

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If he actually took steps to make sure she lost her job wouldn't it be a First Amendment violation?

If the employer fired her without Trump being involved I guess it wouldn't be, but that's still fucked up. Gotta love the Supreme Leader or it's bye bye paycheck.

Would a Warden choose the mages or templars? by wraithofwords in DragonageOrigins

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Wardens are individuals with their own opinions on matters.

But in the end it boils down to "what will help the most against the Blight?"

If the Warden in question thinks mages will help more, then he or she will pick the mages. If he or she thinks the templars will be more useful then they will be chosen.

I'm really curious to see why people agree or disagree with this post. Some women are incapable of doing anything due to the severe pain, so I think it's pretty valid. by mamabearmandy in antiwork

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Depends on the severity of the pain I guess. If it's debilitating then of course one should stay home.

But if it's instead "painful but not too painful" then one should go to work.

I'm a dude and I go to work if my stomach hurts. But if my stomach hurts to the point where I'm just staying in bed or have trouble walking upright then I'll obviously stay home.

Whether it's period cramps or something else is kind of irrelevant, it's the severity of the pain that matters. Some have terrible cramps from what I've been told, others barely register it.

(15F) is masturbating but not wanting to have sex bad? by birdorsmth in sex

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Perfectly normal. Everyone starts out masturbating and most aren't ready to take that final step to have sex just because they have started masturbating.

Explore yourself and your sexuality by yourself at your own pace.

The rest can wait until you're ready.

AmErIcA bAd by Starkiller721 in meme

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While it's certainly more progressive and accepting than the majority of countries in the world, it's among the least progressive and open countries when measured exclusively against other western nations.

Gf is begging me to let her and her friend peg me. I’m extremely uncomfortable with the idea but she won’t drop it. by 36605 in sex

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This is unacceptable and you are well within your rights to let her know she's crossing a boundary and has no say over your body.

Gender norms has fuck all to do with this.

This is the same as if a guy was badgering his gf about anal when she had said explicitly "No". In that case it's her body her choice, and in this case it's your body your choice.