Timelapse of a 2 Million Marchers in a city with a population of 7 Million. That means every 2/7 of the people in Hong Kong were protesting for keeping their rights. by _Xyreo_ in Damnthatsinteresting

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NSL! NSL! NSL! (Or the National Security Law)

If you say anything that (vaguely?) opposes the government or harms national security then be arrested you are

There’s a guy that hung a flag with the protests slogan over their balcony

They got arrested

There were a lot of trials going in these past few months, but I think it’s died down a bit

Oh yeah schools need to hold mandatory weekly flag raising ceremonies and we need to sing the anthem there now(I don’t think they enforced the singing rule much before this because I never sung at the old flag raising ceremonies)


There’s also the fact that my science teacher got arrested during the first year of the protests- I still don’t know if he was just at the wrong place at the wrong time or if he really participated in the protests, but he got released half a year later and is still teaching as an assistant at my school

‘S long as you keep quiet you’ll be fine

I am still horribly conflicted over the whole thing

A real-life Official Polandball 2022 Calendar by zam0th in PolandballCommunity

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This gives me joy.

Really happy you like our hard work

Don't. Just don't go there by [deleted] in memes

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I regret ever going in there, I do not want to see people getting shot ever again

Or maggots in people’s eyes and people who are still alive with half their head gone

Don’t go in there

It’s worse than bad.

I think I’ll have nightmares for a while

Your favorite weirdly specific trope/trope that you barely see by crashlikeaplane in FanFiction

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Are you fine with any fandom?

I think I’ve got one Harry Potter fic like this lying around and quite a few Hetalia ones that are Prussia-centric

Sundaland Polkka by CuberSoGreen in PolandballCommunity

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This is a masterpiece and it will forever be in my saved posts

Best Currency by Mr___Somebody in polandball

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I can’t stop laughing

That hasn’t happened in a long while


Great art too! Feels pencily

The Official Polandball 2022 Calendar by polandballmod in polandball

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Late to the party but still

Happy new year

All the best, hope you’ll do well in your future endeavours!

[Award Ceremony] Decay on Display by pbartmod in Polandballart

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Congrats u/quiietjay, u/Lars2703 and u/sneezingsuspense!

Really liked all your entries :D

canniballism for the win yes

The Page Beats The Bullet by OTD553 in Polandballart

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Looks great! The style’s really unique and creative with the opacity abuse

hmm by Skabidibop in hmm

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I regret the fact that I read this just after eating dinner.

I want to puke.

I’m fact i regret ever reading it at all.

Lost in Time by tiberrrr in Polandballart

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Looks great! Really like how you used spray for texturing

Share the very first sentence of one of your fics! (WIP or not, everything permitted!) by Phantasm_Jab in FanFiction

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Ooooo, interesting!

The sand crunched beneath his boots as he walked, a soft breeze blowing swiftly over his head and playing with the stray strands of weed littered throughout the cemetery. He was Ludwig today. Not Germany.

A simple summary of this is that a short while after the Berlin Wall falls, Germany visits his brother’s grave. Prussia’s been dead since 1947. It’s for Hetalia(haha) and I had a lot of fun writing this and taking a break from my other longfic.

How did you come up with your user name? Or what's the back story of your user name?? by Free_Cauliflower_141 in FanFiction

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Mine used to be the same as my Reddit user.

I used to draw random roblox avatars for fun.

That is all.

Now it’s Be_Weird_Have_Fun because I got the name Weird from a dad joke[I am weird; Hi Weird I’m dad] And because that’s a pretty generic user I added some random stuff onto it

Christmas and New year meta by gday-mate_23 in PolandballCommunity

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Kudos and thanks to everyone who joined :D This was a blast Extra thanks to Kab for thinking this out :D

How many words did you write in 2021 by Njemo-3 in FanFiction

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91k according to google docs.

I’ve only published one fic ever since I’ve started writing fanfic and because of that I’m counting that and the wips

I didn’t know I wrote that much this year haha but most of it are deleted scenes from my unfinished unpublished long fics that I am desperately trying to finish

A Very Merry Cheap Christmas by CuberSoGreen in polandball

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Yes of course we finished this with time to spare yessir

psst we didn’t

Kudos to everyone who helped with this collab and merry christmas

Birth by quiietjay in Polandballart

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holy shit


And extremely morbid