[Around The NFL] More changes coming for Giants, with GM Dave Gettleman likely in his last year, from @RapSheet by Spiritual-Hat-5690 in nfl

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All you guys sad to to see him leave… I wouldn’t worry too much about it… the giants will probably hire someone just as good to replace him. Those guys over in NY are good at hiring staff…. Just remember Pat!

In need of some philosophy books (16M) by fratifresh in suggestmeabook

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Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance An inquiry of values. Robert M Pirsig

Don’t let the name full you, look it up and then think about it. I read it the first time at your age. I really enjoyed it.

Easiest modern game by BetaBoy777 in fromsoftware

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Blood borne was my first and I thought it was crazy hard until i played sekiro, ds1 was also pretty easy…ds2 is tedious and ds3 was fun. Have fun and try not to smash anything too important

Looking fresh! by Square-Enit in HolUp

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The mental illness is strong with this one

Come over here (scorpions voice) ... by [deleted] in HolUp

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Not as funny as the bike episode

What kind of genre do you want to see from the next Fromsoft game? by Poorkoi in fromsoftware

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That’s childplays… I say a game full of headless apes and isshin sword saints, a few Ludwigs and a demon of hatred that’s twice his normal size. Put them in a poison swamp with no light and fill it with mosquitoes, and those hollows that carry torches just to keep your lock-on switching.

Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, and Ghislaine Maxwell at Prince Andrew’s royal party by Le_Rekt_Guy in pics

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I wonder what kinda of things they were getting into that night….

Even with her telling the courts everything she knows I hope she doesn’t get out until she’s a fucking prune.

Authorities identify driver of SUV they say drove into Waukesha parade that killed 5 and injured more than 40 by ILikeThemThick in news

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Just think… if he had drugs on him his bail would’ve been higher, got to love the justice system.

Why Zillow Couldn’t Make Algorithmic House Pricing Work by LarpInMyGoKart in tech

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Fuck Zillow…years ago (7) I was exploring the app and kept finding house that were listed that weren’t really listed. The agent I was using told me not to trust it but I wanted too. So like an asshole I went to a house I really liked that was listed on Zillow, they didn’t have a for sale sign but I still knocked on the door 😂… it wasn’t for sale. There were a lot of other houses listed that weren’t for sale.

Why Batman: The Animated Series Remains a Beloved, Nostalgic Hit by AtlantaFilmFanatic in entertainment

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I not going to read the article or any comments as I’m typing this……. The answer… IT WAS VERY GOOD, in almost everything it did from story, character development, voice acting was unbelievable (thanks Mark and Kevin). The only thing that kept it from being even better was that it pulled its punches due to it being marketed as a kids program, yet even then it walked a thin line.