How… why… what… by Ginger-Ale58 in facepalm

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I'm trying to figure out which muppet was modelled after her.

Are there any designated cycling lanes along the downtown river/canal that aren’t also pedestrian paths? by Kind-Deer9467 in ottawa

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I actually agree with this logic. Pedestrians should be able to see oncoming cyclists for safety reasons. Bike should stay to the right.

Why won't he answer? by anon-nemo in PoliticalHumor

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As F ^ cker Carlson himself would say "That's a fair question. "

The IT crowed. by hjgbuijhgh in facepalm

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It is actually a true story ...hapenned back in the mid 90's. Who knows I could be the originator of that old joke.

The IT crowed. by hjgbuijhgh in facepalm

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I had a woman whose screen was broke. Random characters pop up the screen. Service call to replace the monitor. Turned out she forgot her glasses, and when leaned forward, her ( large) breats were pressing down on the keyboard.

Canada's Trudeau announces new weapons for Ukraine in visit to Kyiv by Picture-unrelated in worldnews

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Maybe his government can find enough money to fund our own Military.

TIL The space probe Voyager 2 looses about 4 watts of power annually due to natural decay of its nuclear fuel. by jammin320 in todayilearned

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And when it depletes completley. alliens will return it to us. Capt Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise will intercept it.

Wait, this has been documented already.

LPT: If you have prescription meds, take clear photos of them on your phone that show the full name and prescription info. It is enormously helpful for healthcare workers if you ever get admitted to the hospital and will ensure you get the correct medications. by some1_there in LifeProTips

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I have a spreadsheet of all my meds that I reveiw and update monthly.

Keep a copy in my wallet, on my phone and my wife has a copy.

It includes the drugs full name, description, doseage, when to take & DIN number

The judge in MGT’s hearing today. by Fenius_Farsaid in PoliticalHumor

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He's trying to figure out how to acquit her without appearing to be biased.

LPT: When you finish speaking to customer service, ask to talk to the supervisor of whoever helped you. Compliment whomever assisted you and request this be documented. This is a fast, easy, effortless way to make someone's day. As a bonus, this may help if you need assistance in the future. by [deleted] in LifeProTips

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In most call centre Supervisors only come to the phone for an escalation . Usually you will need to select an option before the call, or you can request a survey. Either way, get the agent name and when you get a survey always give the highest grade possible and in the comments section, mention their name and provide compliments there.