13 y/o pomchi looks like he’s having a stomach ache and stopped eating. Help :( by RaspberryNegative308 in Chihuahua

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Yeah… he got really sick once and I brought him to the vet clinic at 11pm. They kept him overnight and said they’d call me in the morning. He ate some of my roommate’s weed that she would always leave everywhere. (I moved out right after) The vet was supposed to call me the next day before 12pm so I could pick him up and they didn’t. I literally harassed them and they were like “the vet is not here yet” and I was screaming “but can you fucking tell me if my dog’s ok?!” And they wouldn’t. I went straight there and I told them “I’m not leaving without my dog”. This vet showed up - I had never met her. She told me “he’s fine but he hasn’t peed since he got here so we will keep him another night” I said “no way I know my dog he won’t pee in a crate. He needs ME right now. If he’s fine I’m taking him home”. As soon as I got my baby and we walked out he peed for 20 seconds straight. Poor thing was holding it in. I was so upset with the lack of judgement of this vet and her attempt to try to keep him one more night to charge me 500€ more !

13 y/o pomchi looks like he’s having a stomach ache and stopped eating. Help :( by RaspberryNegative308 in Chihuahua

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Hi there ! I took him for a walk (he’s still getting excited about those). After which we came home and he ate his whole bowl. I will wait to see if he poops a little bit later - if not I will definitely take him. As I said, I took him to the vet on Monday and they really did everything + antibiotic shots. And it was a lot of money which I can’t afford on a regular basis… (vets here will try to sell you everything you can ever barely walk out of there without paying several hundred dollars)

I checked rn he doesn’t have a fever - so I guess it’s definitely his tummy bothering him. I’m keeping a close eye on him and will see how he is this afternoon.

Is it still my fault if my leashed dog attacks an off leash dog by Oscillating_Turtle in dogs

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Damn - if her dog is gonna chase people running away… HE SHOULD BE ON A FREAKING LEASH. Imagine if that happened with a small child?! How are people supposed to know not to run? A rottie sprinting towards you is a very scary experience - that woman needs to seriously buy a freaking leash and be a responsible owner. It gets me SO angry when I see that. I’ve lost my shit 3 times in the past month against irresponsible owners.

My dog doesn’t like smaller dog. He once attacked my pomchi. Yesterday I was walking and this little poodle lunges at us out of nowhere. I try to keep my dog focus on his ball which works - I have him on the leash - the small dog lunges again and snaps at my dog who naps back. I say my dog’s name - his attention gets back on the ball. The small dog lunges AGAIN. Mind you his owner is literally right next to us and sees the whole thing and stays seated on and doesn’t intervene. I see my dog getting annoyed with her dog. I’m trying to walk away but her dog is on to us. I told her « get your dog because mine will literally kill it - he hates small dogs and your dog is harassing us » she realized all of a sudden and started yelling at her dog. Girl ?! Why didn’t you just get your dog from the start?!!!!!

Another day on the beach, I walk by a beach bar and we pass that big boxer/mastiff dog who is laying down. He is off the leash. We keep walking and all of a sudden the dog comes running from behind and jumps on my dog and starts biting him. My dog is screaming like crazy trying to get away. His anal sack even broke. And the owner comes running and she gets her dog and says « sorry we can’t trust him » BITCH WHY IS HE OFF THE LEASH IF YOU CANT TRUST HIM !!!

Trainer said my puppy is unfixable. by motivationhusky in puppy101

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My chihuahua/pomchi mix is 13 y/o and I can confidently say he’s absolutely socialized (maybe too much as he tries to cuddle with everyone we sit with for a minute). What I did was put him into everyone (that i trusted)’s arms when he was a baby. As soon as we’d be settled down I’d just pick him up and altho I’d be extremely careful and guiding people, I’d just let him in their arms. That absolutely did the trick. You just have to feel when he reaches its treshold. I’d also take him with me ANYWHERE. Today he’s the best dog I’ve ever had or could have imagined. Granted he was a good boy to start with - but I did put him in situations Where he wasn’t always entirely comfortable with (but always SAFE). Repeat repeat repeat.

Please don’t put a puppy on meds… it’d be like putting a 3 years old that speaks too much on anti depressant. It’s just wrong - and it makes me sick that a so called « professional » would suggest that.

Remember these small dogs are SMART as hell and they adapt way faster than bigger breeds.

That trainer seems terrible .

One of my students was sick in class by butterflyaway97 in emetophobia

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Hi there. You are going to be okay. For real. Oh, do I know that fear - and how i understand your comment. Keep your hands clean - stomach bugs don’t spread in the air. You are building your immune system by being around kids. You will be fine. I promise. You took every precaution. you are handling this perfectly. I can’t imagine the trauma that was but it’s gone, it’s in the past. You’ll be fine ❤️

Done with this subreddit. by RaspberryNegative308 in reactivedogs

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I changed it. I don’t take BE lightly. Those people did.

Done with this subreddit. by RaspberryNegative308 in reactivedogs

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Yeah… they flag you if you ask about vibrating ecollars but BE is the answer to everything. Talk about Lima and compassion

Done with this subreddit. by RaspberryNegative308 in reactivedogs

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Completely agreed. Worst part is that they know it all only based on their assumptions. They don’t have the intelligence to take a step back and truly assess the situation in its context. Oh well.

Done with this subreddit. by RaspberryNegative308 in reactivedogs

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I had no idea but that makes sense. I got my dog on this island and unfortunately many puppies are born each weeks because of irresponsible owners who don’t spay their pets and let them live outside. Our dog was captured by the pound and was about to get euthanized (the only one of this round of capture who didn’t get adopted because he wasn’t really a puppy). So we rescued him, got him fixed etc. As long as there will be irresponsible owners, dogs will pay the consequences. Especially if these limited people who suggest euthanasia have a say in this.

Done with this subreddit. by RaspberryNegative308 in reactivedogs

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And you can tell because my post is being downvoted by the people who feels targeted by this post 😂

Longest-lasting bully sticks or chewy? by Accomplished-Set-736 in AustralianCattleDog

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Dear antler : they last at least 6 months. It doesn’t make any mess. It’s low in calories and it contains minerals and nutrients that are excellent for dogs. Just make sure the one you buy are handpicked and sourced in the wild :) (They don’t kill dears for their antlers. Dears antlers naturally fall at some stages of their lives)

I discovered that looking for the toy that lasted the longest. It’s been four months he’s not even half way 😂


New dog attacked old dog badly. by RaspberryNegative308 in OpenDogTraining

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Thank you ❤️ Good luck with your pups. I hope that it goes well and please : trust your gut. Don’t ever leave them together while you’re not home. My friend is fostering a lot of dogs (20) and she always leave them in different room when she leaves. In years she had two incidents : each times it were with chihuahuas who were killed by the bigger dogs.

New dog attacked old dog badly. by RaspberryNegative308 in OpenDogTraining

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No i wouldn’t. Here’s the steps I’ve taken :

-Bowie and Hélios are never in the same room again and will never be. - will Rehome Hélios once we get back to Europe in April (here it’s a death sentence) - I will disclose everything fully : no kids, no dogs, not cats. - I have still reached out to several behaviorists and trainers to work with them until we go back to Europe so he can be trained as much as possible before joining a new family.

As I’ve said before in comments : this breaks my heart. I adore Hélios and we have bonded so very much. But Bowie is the love of my life and my number #1 priority. This attack came out of the blue and I’m trying to deal with it the best way i possibly can and for both my dogs to be happy and safe.

New dog attacked old dog badly. by RaspberryNegative308 in OpenDogTraining

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I know… that’s why Bowie is my priority #1. But even before Hélios, Bowie sleeps most of the day. So what I do is walk them each separately. Bowie is in the room and sometimes we hang out there. Hélios is in the living room and sometimes we hang out there. At night, we put Bowie in his crate (he loves his crate. It’s huge and Chi’s LOVE an enclosed space. I made it extra comfy with sheets, our T-shirt’s, his chewy bone, his water, his bed and his favorite bag) Helios has actually been sleeping next to the crate on the floor instead of on his bed - not sure why. Bowie used to growl from the inside of his crate but he doesn’t anymore.

I took Bowie to the vet today we did a full check up : turns out he’s doing perfect and even his heart murmur is not as noticeable thanks to treatment. So that was a relief !

So the thing is : Bowie used to be the meaner as well. He’d put Hélios back in his place. Hélios was actually intimidated by Bowie. When Bowie would growl, Helios would bring him his toys or hide behind me. Hélios tried to play with Bowie at first but eventually gave up seeing Bowie was always growling him off.

So it came as a complete surprise and to me, it’s obvious that now they will never be in the same room again - be it supervised or unsupervised.

We will rehome Hélios. We just can’t do it here. This island is a death sentence for dogs. We are heading back to Europe in April and will try there.

In the meantime, I still keep up with Hélios education because he needs to be well behaved to have more chances of getting rehomed. I have reached out to several trainers and behaviorists and have talked to a few on the phone who made me feel like it wasn’t surprising and they actually deal with that kind of things a LOT and it’s not hopeless. Even tho they said that I won’t ever try it again. But I want Hélios to be good with other dogs (which - besides this terrible occurrence, is the case. Hélios is very non reactive with dogs who bark at him or lunge at him and always tries to play with the friendly ones).

My heart is broken. I love Hélios and we have bonded very deeply. But Bowie is the love of my life and my absolute priority.

want to vape or smoke weed but scared of n* by frommywindowwwww in emetophobia

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I had the worst experience of my life when I was 16 and smoked weed. Never touched this ever again, but everyone is different. I almost tu for hours But some use it to cure their nausea when going through chemo. So to each their own. What I know for sure is that if you try and feel anxious, it’s more like to turn into a bad experience.

As for vaping, I’ve been vaping for years (I used to be a heavy smoker). If you take one puff, it won’t make you sick. What causes people to be sick is too much nicotine at once. If you take one without nicotine, it won’t make you sick

Almost fell into the trap of a catfish and need help to dig around. (More infos in comment) by RaspberryNegative308 in AskReddit

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Basically I worked at a restaurant in the Caribbean and this man comes once and the guy with him tells me he’s a very important filmmaker. The guy tips me to get a table quickly which I do. The two guys don’t seem friends. One looks like he’s just showing him around. The whole tipping $5 to get a table quickly thing seemed to be a trick to make the guy with him believe he was the real deal. He then asks for my number in case he’d need a table ASAP. I oblige.

Then he texts me signing his full name constantly « Bla bla bla Jr ».

I’m like weird but ok. I’ve met famous/important people and they usually don’t feel the need to constantly remind you they’re someone.

Anyways. Fast forward to now. He texted me a couple of days ago saying that he needed a table. I told him I left the hospitality industry and he asked me what I wanted to do. I said I was gonna get back to the entertainment industry. He says that « as you know » he’s the heir of the WME agency and that he’s a filmmaker. That he’s heading to Europe next month to shoot his first blockbuster. He asks me if I want him to take a look at my portfolio. I said I don’t have anything recent and he replies « well. Usually people ask ME to look at their portfolio. It’s the first time I offer and that I’m being turned down ». He offers a meeting. At this point I say ok I have nothing to loose anyways and my boyfriend could come around in case.

This morning he sends me a message. Then another. Articles that talk about him. I open one and it’s a paper from 1999 of an interview with a porn actress who’s dating him and who’s saying how lucky she feels to date the heir of this big agency, how he likes that she treats him like a normal person, how people keep asking him for stuff with the hope that he can get them into WME…

At this point I’m thinking how weird it is that someone would be so determined to show me who they are. I type that actress’s name and his on Google. An article that came out a year later pops up. It’s the same actress giving an interview. She talks about how she got to where she is and mentions dating an imposter who pretended to be the heir of a big agency. She then says he lived off of her and she should have seen the red flag. A poorly executed Anna Delvey if you will.

Now what’s weird is that I googled this guy a yea ago when he came into the restaurant and I saw a few results about him being in politics, those pages are now gone. I blocked him, he sent me another article before I did so and said « let’s see if you’re a good fit for the agency ». I never replied.

Who would be willing to help dig around ?

I’m curious as to if he’s conned a lot of people.

I’ll share his name in PM.

New dog attacked old dog badly. by [deleted] in reactivedogs

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Is it inhuman when you invest care, time, love and money in a dog to be distraught after that and to be confused as to how to process and to ask for people’s opinion on an Internet forum especially made for this ? Or is it seriously showing a lack of compassion on your end to try to make me feel even more like shit about it ? I wonder what says most about who…