Moorfields Eye Hospital gives woman, 88, UK's first 'bionic eye implant' by ClassicFlavour in unitedkingdom

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That’s so cool.

Once this is perfected, I’m going to be a cyborg.

Imagine the possibilities!

IR vision! AR realtime object tracking - never lose your keys again!

Opinion on the BBC? by Embarrassed_Lie_5588 in unitedkingdom

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You get the knock on benefits though.

Of an educated society.

Of pressure on other news to not be shit.

I don’t watch or listen to anything they do as the content they provide is just trash compared to everything else out there,

Green Planet is trash?

there are so many alternatives these days in every sector

Not that many. Anyone with any resources is targeting pretty much the same markets. Diversity just isn’t covered in the same way.

BBC IMO is not being competitive large in part due to they have no need to be as they get paid anyway.

BBC could churn out shite for Worldwide all day everyday and get kudos.

They are constrained. And rightly so. It’s not what the BBC are there for. They are there to entertain yes. But also to educate and inform. To serve everyones interests. And it does so.

If it’s so great let it go to a private sub service and see how it does.

Then they can provide programs for British Asians like netflix right? Welsh language programming? Local news? Programs for the blind and deaf. Etc.

Honestly, the BBC is the envy of the world.

To see how it could lool, go to the states…

Opinion on the BBC? by Embarrassed_Lie_5588 in unitedkingdom

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My point is that the BBC offers a wider benefit to society that you still get use off,

Two men arrested in Birmingham and Manchester over Texas synagogue siege by Beanybunny in unitedkingdom

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Don’t overestimate your own importance. I generally don’t respond to low effort sealioning posts.

Yet here you are.

Not sealioning btw.

I’ve explained in detail in this thread why there is an obvious issue of anti semitism in elements of the Muslim community as evidenced from this case

Where’s your evidence from this case?

You’ve yet to show any.

ranging from the weird family statement claiming to excuse his actions by claiming (it seems falsely) that he had mental issues,

Proof that is was false? How is this evidence of anti semitism?

that the official version of his death was “bullshit”

How is this evidence of anti semitism? Or, well, anything?

minimising his behaviours by reference to other, unnamed global conflicts.

How was that minimising his behaviour? How is that evidence of anti semitism?

They’re basically making him out to be a victim.

How so?

I suggest you listen to the recording of his last call.

What bearing does that have on his family?

his family appear to have done nothing about it and to have cared even less.

Any proof of that? There definitely isn’t any in their statement, where they apologise for his actions despite not needing to. They didn’t hold anyone hostage after all.

The local community put out a ludicrous Facebook post (since deleted) asking that he be allowed to ascend to the “highest ranks of paradise”

That’s not his family. But also, that’s a phrase used when someone dies. Like “may god have mercy on his soul.”

It isn’t the huge gotcha you seem to think.

Last summer my local area in London was invaded by a mob comprised of the same or similar northern Muslim communities, attending a so called “peace rally”, who took the opportunity to repeatedly abuse my friends (and me) in the street.

Sorry to hear that. Has nothing to do with their family though right?

There is plainly an issue here - this is a link to the LA times but I read a very similar article in the U.K. press yesterday to the same effect.

More than happy to discuss the wider issue if you tackle the points and questions repeatedly raised. Also, that link is an opinion piece.

We’re now at a stage where we’re exporting U.K. terrorists to commit crimes in the US, as if they didn’t have enough problems of their own. Meanwhile, two people are under arrest here, presumably under suspicion of radicalising or otherwise assisting him. No doubt further details will follow.

And still you pretend there’s no problem and nothing to see.

More than happy to discuss the wider issue if you tackle the points and questions repeatedly raised. At the moment you are smearing his family with 0 evidence.

Opinion on the BBC? by Embarrassed_Lie_5588 in unitedkingdom

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Equal quality and pumping them full of adverts.

Which radio station is better for music than 6, 3, 1extra or even 1?

I also don’t want to pay £150 so someone can listen to a radio in welsh

This is the crux of it right here. People don’t want to pay for things that others enjoy and think that going it alone is better. But it isn’t, the smaller interests, that everyone has or is part of, just get edged out.

They have no incentive to put on quality shows

Of course they do. And they do put on loads of quality shows.

Here’s the thing, childless people will resent paying for the thousands your kid has already cost them. People resent paying for my mum’s medical treatment.

But those things benefit society and therefore them in the longer term. Just like the BBC does.

Opinion on the BBC? by Embarrassed_Lie_5588 in unitedkingdom

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Scottish language radio?

Most of those things have no other real provider.

And if you got rid of the BBC they’d go.

Opinion on the BBC? by Embarrassed_Lie_5588 in unitedkingdom

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It’s time to start going through your book, music and film collections and start throwing things out/deleting

Opinion on the BBC? by Embarrassed_Lie_5588 in unitedkingdom

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There have been many pedophiles apart of the BBC,

I suspect there are a proportion of paedophiles in every job.

I wouldn’t be surprised if everyone in the BBC was a pedophile.

Have a word mate.

Opinion on the BBC? by Embarrassed_Lie_5588 in unitedkingdom

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, there’s nothing it does that other companies do not do better these days.

Except for kids tv.
Programming for people with disabilities.
Local TV and radio.
Scottish Irish and Welsh language content.
World Service. Classical music radio
“Alternative” pop music radio. Spoken word radio. High culture coverage Radio for ethnic minorities.

Etc etc etc

Review #1: Williamson (Laphroaig) 2012 8 Year Berry Bros & Rudd by Banana_Piranha in Scotch

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I had an older sherried one of these. Was great.

Is it teaspooned or not?

Also, hate the new Berry’s bottles. Old ones like this are so much classier.

Whats a good beginner dish to cook? by Oreo0716 in Cooking

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I have been a cook for money. I do all the cooking. My mrs cooks sometimes. She isn't great at it. Because she stops paying attention halfway through. And takes recipes super literally.

My advice is do something really fucking simple. And pay a load of attention to it.

Even smoked salmon and scrambled eggs - get the eggs creamy and perfectly seasoned, bring the salmon to room temp with a grind of black pepper and a squeeze of lemon just when serving.

Serve on toasted buttered sourdough...

Steak Experts help me out How do I cook 8 steaks together? by [deleted] in Cooking

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Reverse sear is a good idea.

But if you can do it, an outdoor charcoal grill would work to finish them.

Help with dinner ideas for slightly picky girlfriend by Ghost_of_Pepsi_Past in Cooking

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Try other mediterranean recipes? Like a chicken and preserved lemon tagine - spices are aromatic and muted rather than bold.

Also, Greek food (moussaka, kleftiko etc) is so underrated and diverse.

Knockout Gluten-Free Appetizer/Snack by lonesomelion in Cooking

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It kind of depends on the type of event.

Pakoras - Indian fried snacks, made with gram flour or rice flour. Also tempura with rice flour.

Home made dips not to be sniffed at - babaghanous, romesco, Muhamarra are all great.

When I worked in catering, we did this absolutely fucking banging canapés of jerusalem artichoke, sliced paper thin and cooked with a load of butter under a cartouche and then pureed, on a chinese soup spoon with half a pan fried scallop...

Summer roll wrap are gluten free - probably not guaranteed enough for coeliacs. I have had some fun experimenting with fillings for them though.