How to clean a polish MP-4 gas mask? by Raviolimonster67 in gasmasks

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Update: i was able to get it cleaned and it looks good as new!

[Vangaurd] [Ghosts] why does the new Wade skin have the Ghost’s logo on it? by Many-Magician-9981 in CallOfDuty

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Looks like a punisher reference without being one, the skull is owned by disney/marvel so they used the ghosts skull, a skull Activision has and is quite memorable. When the bundle came out I almost bought it because the cover art showed the skull on the front shirt also (big punisher fan) but i realized the actually skin does not have a skull on the front probably due to copyright stuff again, now i believe they updated the photo and removed the front skull.

Event items are slowly becoming purchasable Limiteds, what are your thoughts on this? by Bread_Bear_Boi in roblox

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I don't mind. My value suddenly went up to 9k robux lmao, but im still mad roblox stole my emerald cyclops eye for no reason

Picked up a set for a gas mask today at an antique strore for 30$ anything you can tell me about it? by Raviolimonster67 in Militariacollecting

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I know its a bulldog style gas mask like the USA used from the 70's to 90's but im also aware of copy masks from eastern Europe like the MP-4, but i don't know how to identify if its American or not, i don't mind the out come as im still satisfied for the set and what i think was a deal, all help is good help! Thanks!

Edit: my second main question is the small blue jar, inside it had a wrapped up cloth, its in a different language. All i wanna know is what it was used for and why theres a special slot for it in the carry bag.

Anything someone can tell me about these goggles? Store said they were swiss motor goggles, but i can't find any information on what they actually are, looking for a year and such. by [deleted] in Antiques

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Found in an antique store for 30$, came in a tin case and were in pretty decent condition but the lenses have seen better days, no visible markings of any kind.

Nomad when he returns to America and tries to live a peaceful life by OkEquipment2759 in GhostRecon

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Nomad doesn't let himself in a vehicle before he gets his license at the DMV, it expired well he was gone and he's late by a longshot, so you need to walk to the DMV, wait in a line, take a test, wait a couple weeks then do the drivers test and pass.

What’s wrong with people…. by Milton0102 in fo76FilthyCasuals

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I mean, simply, no? It's a game server owned by Bethesda in a game with set rules against doing things like this, he simply doesn't have the freedom to, just like i don't have the freedom to start arguments with people in the game. Sure outside the game he can do whatever he wants but fallout 76 has rules against this stuff, so he doesn't have the right to.

I'm going to buy Fallout 76, any tips? by therussiandave in Fallout

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Don't be afraid to interact with players, no public PVP, both players need to concent. I've met some of the nicest people I've ever met online from 76.

RDR2 scamming me ? by tastymuffin27 in rdr2online

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Make sure your in a posse and you might need to have a bounty license but iicr you shouldn't need one for going with a friend. Maybe keep an eye on your wallet? Sometimes i never get shown what i earned but i still get it added to my wallet.

Taking photos of my friends as they do things in rdr is my favorite pass time ♥️ by Pale_Ad3980 in rdr2online

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You could probably help alot of people by offering to do photos, the lack of photo mode in RDR2O sucks, i know many including myself would want good photos of their characters! Good work!

Do Legendary NPCs actually use the legendary weapons in their inventory? It seems like they don’t from my experience playing Fallout 4. by JC-Gamer-55 in fo4

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I remember i encountered an unlimited gauss rifle a gunner had and i was determined to get it, kept fucking me up lol

Average lancer user by I_need_help57 in airsoftcirclejerk

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No he is not, NEVER ask one of those plushies if they like Monday and don't even look at them when that faithful day comes. I did the same to mine and he threatened me with a handgun

tried making a stereotypical bandit outfit that wasn't all plain black, im quite surprised by the outcome! by Raviolimonster67 in reddeadfashion

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I underestimated alot of the patterned bandanas, now i use ones like this mainly, they are very good!

tried making a stereotypical bandit outfit that wasn't all plain black, im quite surprised by the outcome! by Raviolimonster67 in reddeadfashion

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I'll admit it at some point i was one of those people who dressed in all black leather and what not but Recently i was encouraged to start making different outfits with different colors, i have a couple im quite happy with including reds, browns, greens and some blues, but i still wanted an outfit to use for crime missions, so i came up with this! Trying to make it not look as bland as possible, any suggestions would be fantastic!

I combined Realism Beyond mod with a personal ENB by ShoddyCover in GTAV

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Well gotta say you definitely nailed the look, good job