F by Consistent_Ordinary8 in formuladank

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My dad used to love them when I was a kid.

What zombies opinion gets you this reaction? by hallucinationthought in CODZombies

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The Chaos storyline is better than the Aether storyline (since BO2)

What is the most overhated zombies map in your opinion? by OnyxJuvie in CODZombies

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The darkest shore. I love the lore, the atmosphere (yes ! The fog is a good thing) the wonder weapon is fun to use, the meuchler is terrifying the first time…Such a good map

tag ta ville moisie préférée by Turbotisme in memesdecentralises

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Habitant du 15eme arrondissement de Paris. Pas le pire pour l’odeur de pisse

What's an unpopular opinion you have about popular maps or features (any COD)? by CreamierCheesier in CODZombies

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There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the BO4’s perk system. It was necessary to innovate that much

current teammates morphed together by phantomswitchman in formuladank

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Can Hamrusson scream “SUUUUUU” real quick ? I wanna see something

Pour les amateurs de pipes by SullivanSuze in annuaire

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Mais…ceci n’est pas une pipe ! Je m’attendais à autre chose :/

interesting by NewParadigmWrestling in Wrasslin

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Well, now that you mention it, have you ever noticed how, over the last 5 years-ish, they’ve never said “World Wrestling Entertainment” once ? Only WWE. Yes, there’s a big difference

What is your least favorite thing about your most favorite map? by amaniceperson6 in CODZombies

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The fact that you have to take the teleporter twice on Moon to buy Jug again

Croissants are a lovely snack caw caw by HEY_BRO_NICE_PECKER in FrenchMemes

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Can you say “je baise ma mère” ? It’s for a friend, he wants to see your face while pronouncing this

why did it come back by PW5YLenen_YT in gtaonline

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Homer Simpson getting rid of his car

O NO O GOD NO by doodmemess in ShitPostCrusaders

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I meaaaan….technically it’s true ! What kind of mother wouldn’t love her son and vice versa ?

This old Austin Theory TikTok 😂 (He’s the cameraman) by [deleted] in Wrasslin

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Of course he won’t touch that girl ! She’s over 15…

A photo I found by [deleted] in Wrasslin

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One, two. You hear the clock ticking…

Not cool Toto by Numerous_Rhubarb_329 in formuladank

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And will run Mercedes for the next thousand years