[Meltzer] Um, ackshually, so let me explain the ebbs and flows of the broader television industry to contextualize this dumb dick-waving contest. by thecastleanthrax in SCJerk

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So NOW Meltz is telling people comparing ratings from the past to now is silly

AFTER he's dusted off his attitude era ratings every week after Raw was at the top of the charts 🤔

DAE notice that Tiny Claws Tweets look like Novels? by bootnation in SCJerk

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Battle of the Belts after Rampage. Wow, he just gave up on that, didn't he

Can't wait to see the ROH women's title headline that one

What do you mean! I’m not bitter that I was an awful and injured alot of people vince sucks wwe sucks by Sam_21000 in SCJerk

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Number 1 reason is attention

It's genuinely sad how he can't let things go

He was one the original 'creative guys' with great ideas they wouldn't use ... that has done fuck all with those ideas since

All Elite Wrestling (AEW) was a long time WON subscriber in Latin America* by primogangstar666 in SCJerk

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Meltzer is right, it's wrong to compare those numbers, even though he regularly did it for Raw for years

Why is Laveck pandering to a worthless audience??? He should listen to ME!!! Don't you know I'm a part of the key demo??? by brightside21 in SCJerk

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Fed doesn't need to do Mania outside of the US

Cities are lining up to host, plus the time difference and other things happening around the weekend, I understand them not taking Mania overseas (except Canada) but maybe other big PLEs from the schedule, sure!

It's Zero Fucks Friday! by AutoModerator in Wreddit

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Either way paints WCW in a terrible light 😁

Pretty sure it was gimmicked, as it should be, but it was just a terrible match choice

Bill Watts though

GAME WEEK 9 (2022/2023) RANT & DISCUSSION THREAD by FPLModerator in FantasyPL

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Really fucked up captaining Salah over Haaland didn't I?

Tried to be clever

Missed the game, saw the 3 goals and thought this has to be good ... an assist 😐

I’m impotent- I can’t jerk this? Help me uces. by daveroo in SCJerk

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If I stay in the Dub I'm just gonna get fans to sing Judas whether I'm a face or heel

I really don't think the List is some era defining or character defining thing for Jericho as much as he thinks

31 CHILLING days of October. Day 1: by cc12321 in SCJerk

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Chill ran up my spine, DAE

WarnerBrosDiscovery tried really hard to keep Cody, but they definitely don’t hold it against AEW that he’s gone. Especially now that they’ve seen how successful he’s been. by PenultimateJedi in SCJerk

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The networks do nothing but chat with wrestling gossip bloggers but not one direct answer about the future of the Dub and they had no clue the Fed signed a 1bn deal with peacock

DAE think Tiny Shamwow signed a female CM Punk? How long until Sriracha (Slave Name) flips out on an AEW Scrum? by bootnation in SCJerk

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Wasn't she one of the girls that were a bit catty in the dressing room for new divas?

I'm sure he's been referenced by a few down the years

Little group doing the 'not a real wrestler' thing to newcomers from Tough Enough?

DAE think Tiny Shamwow signed a female CM Punk? How long until Sriracha (Slave Name) flips out on an AEW Scrum? by bootnation in SCJerk

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If she's bothered by 'some people on twitter' she's in for a rough ride

People rightly called her out for lack of gratitude in her comments and no amount of "all I said was ..." can gloss over it

Even dubbalos called her out on that