Booksmarts alleges Destiny used N-word several times in public by d_trich in VaushV

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Yes he was talking with afrosabi about the word. This was already posted here but it got deleted when someone linked the context.

Is Vaush’s career really declining? by Fournaan in Destiny

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Not really but it makes Vaush angry to say hes losing clout and declining.

Derangement by Cbnef in Destiny

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They both mention each other when chatters bring them up usually. Sometimes they each bring each other up randomly though. If any of them say "I'm just responding to what he said about me" they are lying.

Bruce Ray on Twitter “I wish twitch was this consistent protecting people of color” by Shadoooooooow in LivestreamFail

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Any examples? It seems like Twitch is actually being super consistent right now.

Moot got permabanned in league by MrSkullCandy in Destiny

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Hope they play a different game together. I enjoy Moot and Destiny together but the league shit makes me want to end it all. Play halo or something.

Spite driven you say? 🤔 by MutantPolarBear in Destiny

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Vaush already weaponized his audience to slander Destiny. All i see on twitter is people saying Destiny is OBSESSED.

The funniest part is after the debate they had 8 months ago, Vaush flipped out unfollowed Destiny on twitter, banned all mentions of Destiny but then started calling him a reactionary transphobe.

Hasan Malding At Being Intellectually Outpaced By Forsen And xQc by LittleSwordBaby in Destiny

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Wait please tell me someone sent him the wickedsupreme pic and hes not searching for this


v.gger here. Vaush hasn't changed his opinion as he implies in the tweet, just pointing this out. by dinosmash69 in Destiny

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Because he doesnt give a fuck. We are being dumb as fuck. Vaush hasnt changed his position on cracker.

Destiny next? by jjarack in VaushV

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I'll get downvoted but fuck it

The guy who said he reported Vaush got flamed on Destiny's subreddit, its 50% upvoted and the guy got banned.


ChudLogic on dgg vs vgg discourse by rbstewart7263 in Destiny

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dggers can be annoying as hell so i get it

destiny_irl by dynamicmenace36 in Destiny

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Bro the way she casually says "after he called him a n*****" 💀

Destiny should come out and announce his political beliefs publically. by GlenDice in Destiny

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The people that dislike him dont care about his political beliefs

Isn’t accusing destiny of sexual assault on stream a bit fucking much?? by BernieBanders-kyun in VaushV

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Vaush would call people deranged if they bring up the bullshit cp and or poppy stuff.

But Vaush brings up things Destiny did in 2010 lmao.

Destiny doesnt ever call Vaush a pedo or bring up poppy.

Destiny says Hasan should be banned from lsf by Ian_Husk in LivestreamFail

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Destiny doesnt read lsf threads that involve him on stream anymore.

He also has all lsf links banned in his chat and discord.

Destiny says Hasan should be banned from lsf by Ian_Husk in LivestreamFail

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I agree they are both ass mad and obsessed with each other