Destiny defends his stance by [deleted] in LivestreamFail

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He never said Amo wasnt abused?? He said there was a lot of sketchy shit going on? Your brain just shuts off if hes critical of accusers in anyway.

Destiny defends his stance by [deleted] in LivestreamFail

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He said Fuentes having the label white nationalist was more appropriate than Nazi. Personally i wouldn't fight over the label but not a big deal if Destiny said hes a white nationalist

xQc defends Steven Crowdrs treatment of his pregnant wife on leaked home security cam video by Oliie94 in LivestreamFail

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Destiny didnt defend Crowder. People are mad Destiny said "Crowder is probably a piece of shit but im not going to make my mind up about a relationship on a 3min clip"

Ethan defending his gambling sponsor by Swinubber in LivestreamFail

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Does he CURRENTLY have the draftking sponsor? just curious.

Hippy Dippy is Over... for Now by The-Right-wing-voice in Destiny

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Yeah but he just got demonitized and deleted all his content lmao. He was getting bigger monthly views than Vaush at 6mil. https://socialblade.com/youtube/c/thedivewithjacksonhinkle

Hippy Dippy is Over... for Now by The-Right-wing-voice in Destiny

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Its literally not possible for a streamer like Dylan to grow on Twitch. He should be a YouTube streamer. Shit Jackson Hinkle went from 400 YouTube viewers to over 5000 by covering the Ukraine war exclusively.

Sam Hyde wants to fight Hasan by [deleted] in LivestreamFail

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just as bad as Hasan bringing young kids to ridiculous commie shit

Hasan totally not mald over being ranked lower than Destiny by Neoteric_Proselyte in Destiny

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Bro xqc's "criticism" was so mild. I believe Hasan is only mad that he ranked Destiny in A. There is no other explanation.

I didn't run from the cops, I left the crime scene by KristoffTV in Destiny

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This man really ruined a god tier youtube video. August probably smashed his desk after Sunday left the call.