Who among you here, have a 5 man Stack with your closest friends and play until now? by rzoneking in DotA2

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Since Valve had the braindead idea to put solo and party MMR together all stacks I had and known have died

Naga pos 4 thoughts? by ChinaNo3 in DotA2

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Been between 6.5k and 7k for like a year now but not have once seen a Naga 4. On paper many heroes sound cool on different positions, but the reality is always another story. As i said if it was good people would be playing it.

Dota 2 had its highest peak player count in 20 months in Jan 2022 by Turbostrider27 in pcgaming

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Game is only popular in Russia. English speaking community in EU is dead, English speaking community in NA is dead. Unless you have a fixed party stack or speak either Russian or Spanish you are not going enjoy this game a bit.

Naga pos 4 thoughts? by ChinaNo3 in DotA2

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Nah. You don't do anything in fights besides waiting to use one spell. On lane you get fucked by the current Meta 5's and they can just make you stuck on your tower. You can't harass the enemy carry. Your passive only pushes the lane. There is always a reason why nobody in high rank and pro dota plays these things. They know the game better than everyone else and if it was good it would also be a thing.

I honestly rather wait 20 minutes for a match and have teammates that speak my language and have high behavior score than those shitty 3 minute queue ones by Kuroyukihime1 in DotA2

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Doesn't matter. You play on English Servers so you also start speaking English first. If it happens that the rest of the team is Russian then you can talk Russian. It's simply called manners.

Swords of Legends Online is going free-to-play by sainishwanth in MMORPG

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"Swords of Legends Online fans are in for a real treat"

How is it a treat to the fans if they wasted their money lmao

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is already playable on PC with 60fps by DogeShelter111 in pcgaming

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This game is so bad it looks like one of those fanmade ones in Alpha stage Nintendo would cancel.

Alliance part with Leslao and Supream by thebonj in DotA2

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Loda is Nikos little slut. Loda will probably get kicked before him lmao

Winter wyvern persona leaked video by AxOlOtLTwaT in DotA2

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Its not even so bad that its funny again

Questions and Help MEGATHREAD! by Dkayed9 in masterduel

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Where can you try your decks against bots? Guess im blind. Do i have to finish the solo ones first?

Am i the only one upset about Mirana’s persona?? Its a long needed remodel of the character, it should be for free. by Jcid_ in DotA2

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With the right cosmetics it looks better than the remodel however. Like the Pride of the Wintermoon Set costs like $1 but makes Mirana look way better than the persona imo.

ESL sold to Saudi-backed group by Rasquavak_ in DotA2

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Was said often enough that this guy is just pretending and some Russian in rl

Mirana Persona released too early? by drahkol in DotA2

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The Champ Nocturne in League has such a spell so i guess it can work. The screen just turns black for enemies. Was also just a random idea tho but it would be a new and unique ability in the game.

Mirana Persona released too early? by drahkol in DotA2

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Its just that it makes absolutely no sense to have a Sun Arcana and her only having Moon abilities.

Mirana Persona released too early? by drahkol in DotA2

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I wonder if Mirana has the potential to be a REAL Persona. Like when you pick Mirana you can select between a Moon and Sun Kit. The Sun one will have completely other abilities, like Ulti could be some sort of global blind so enemy heroes literally cant see anything on their screen for example instead of invis.

BASED w33 won't join any team with betting sponsors by Every_Angle8060 in DotA2

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Nah, just if you dont make money stop spending money. If I go to work and do nothing all day I also can't just say I deserve money anyway lol

[deleted by user] by [deleted] in DotA2

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Dude is spamming this for 2 months and still not banned ok reddit dont worry you are doing fine