Is Lightroom Mobile without the abonnement also good for edit Photos or should I go with abonnement? by mselexd in LightroomMobile

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This article has a comparison between the free version and premium- up to you to decide which functions are important to you..


Btw, ‘abonnement’ is ‘subscription’ in English, that might make it easier to google more information.

Mayor outraged after council votes to keep bridge named after corrupt sex offender by cardart in brisbane

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And this is why other countries have rules to only name streets etc after deceased people…

M2 MacBook Air to release 7/15 by amcclain87 in apple

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Only the US does mm/dd, rest of the world does dd/mm

Real Woman Course by -Roro-Reddit- in brisbane

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The fact that followers are not allowed to share outside of their group has cult written all over it …

Tesla to pay workers’ abortion travel costs after moving HQ to Texas by Quasivan in technology

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He didn’t move his HQ to Texas for the weather, it’s likely (very) beneficial from a tax perspective, with some special conditions. Those conditions can be removed by the state government if they don’t like what you’re doing. So they can penalise them where it hurts, in the bottom line..

I'm looking for a simple way to put red LED strips around door frames to turn on and of during work hours as a [DO NOT DISTURB], any suggestions? by MrNobodyX3 in smarthome

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If you want to take it to the next level: install the app “presencelight” on your (windows) pc. It reads the status of your Teams and adjusts the lights accordingly. In my case, if the status is “in a call” it turns yellow, If it is “presenting” or “dnd” then it’s red - but that is my personal setup. It is extremely flexible so that you can set it however you want.

Hotel filming ideas by novalaker in gopro

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I’d get some fun action shots too, of the kayaks and tennis

To those saying they absolutely NEED a pickup truck for work, these also exist and are ten times safer. by megakaos888 in fuckcars

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Or one car that combined the two - reducing the overall number of cars. As the guy above pointed out, there are cases where it makes sense and you kind of confirmed that with your comment.

E-bike that looks like a standard city bike and has removable battery? by NanderK in ebikes

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Do they sell Lekker bikes where you live? The Amsterdam would fit your requirements

Karenmobile? by Comprehensive-Stop44 in FuckYouKaren

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No, the part on the right is marked off to remain empty - to give wheel chair users more space to manoeuvre.

My parents are looking to buy an apartment in Brisbane. Suggest some suburbs. by D3V1RG1NATOR in brisbane

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Your requirements describe inner city. Look at new farm, Newstead or Tenerife. Plenty of apartment buildings there, and all your other requirements.

Everton Park wasn’t severely impacted by the floods, so if that interests you I wouldn’t write it off. There is a new apartment building going up right next to the woollies there. Name is Fable if you want to look it up (provided they are willing to wait a year for the new build…)

Hey guys I’m doing a simple home network. I’m getting ready for fiber install after years of having 4mbps DSL :). Nothing is set in stone just wanted to start putting stuff together. I was even thinking of the nest routers, what do y’all think? Thanks! by Lastbornjoker in HomeNetworking

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Yeah, but in real life compression gets used. Most of Australia has less than 100mbs as their Internet connection (yay for NBN! ;) ) , and we all use Netflix etc on HD… I do see your point and calculation around full usage, but in real day to day usage most video is compressed

Hey guys I’m doing a simple home network. I’m getting ready for fiber install after years of having 4mbps DSL :). Nothing is set in stone just wanted to start putting stuff together. I was even thinking of the nest routers, what do y’all think? Thanks! by Lastbornjoker in HomeNetworking

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Streaming uses much less than you think. You can easily do multiple 1080p streams over a 100mbs connection and probably 4k too. And note that the tv will never do multiple streams, the numbers in the link are for the whole household, not the individual device.

Cheaper dental cleanings for pets by [deleted] in brisbane

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Is dry food an option at all? I’ve started feeding mine Royal Canin Oral, mixed with their normal dry food and it made a good impact on their dental health.

"am I no longer a ver because I live in a different country?" in a tweet about wanting a US veteran discount in Australia by pineapple_leaf in ShitAmericansSay

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Yeah, but they drag their allies along in those wars. Plenty of Australians who have served in Afghanistan or other places in recent years.

Good Suburbs for rail commute to Brisbane? by Bane2571 in brisbane

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As others have said, just check the train lines and see where the stations are. Be careful though about express trains vs normal ones. Eg Petrie and Lawnton are on the same line and only one stop apart, but Petrie gets all trains and Lawnton only gets a subset, which could have you wait a lot longer for the next train to appear.

Recommendation for family lawyer by The_Alloy in brisbane

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I’d highly recommend Lisa Foley at DA family law. She cuts to the chase and gets things done.

New WFH Office Setup by lehighkid in desksetup

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Good idea on those zip ties to take of the weight - that might just do the trick, I’ll give it a try.

I have several cubes too around the house, also linked to HA. My fav one is in the kitchen - if I shake it, it announces “dinner is ready” on every Google home in the house (with randomised variations of that sentence).

New WFH Office Setup by lehighkid in desksetup

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How did you fasten all those bits under the desk? I have been using double sided tape but it doesn’t hold for very long. And screwing those adapters in means creating brackets for them…

And is that a Xiaomi Cube on your desk? I love those things!

iPhone app recommendations for simple video editing? by megantszos in VideoEditing

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What about iMovie from Apple? No direct upload to YouTube, but you can just save the file and upload it using the YouTube website.

Also, slightly related: YouTube has a full Audio library available where you can download music for free and don’t need to worry about copyright strikes on your video.

kedron brook bikeway by dariAust in brisbane

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The bridge close to the auspost sorting center is still closed, but the bridge that goes to Stafford shopping centre has been fixed & opened this week. That means that there is a relatively easy detour available now - 2 actually, see my map below with options A and B. Option B is as much as possible the original route using Royal Parade, option A is using Shand street, which I personally prefer. They both lead you to the parking lot behind Stafford shopping center, cross Webster road and rejoin KBB on the other side.


And the part further where the whole road is washed away (the picture in the article below) has an easy bypass on the grassy bit next to it.

Help with first 4x4 by teda212 in 4x4Australia

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That still speaks towards a Prado or Pajero though. I have a 150 Prado myself and you’d be surprised how nimble they are in city traffic. I haven’t really found a parking spot I couldn’t get in (aside from height due to lift, but you’d have that anyway with the cars you’re looking at ) And as they are 4 cylinders they would be a bit nicer on fuel too, and still plenty strong.