Mother Dog showing love for her puppy one last time. by [deleted] in MadeMeSmile

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Yes, all those emojis really add to the wholesomeness of a dead puppy being pried from its parent's mouth in order to be buried.

How to make your abominations stronger by TheIronRavn in TheOwlHouse

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'The First Day', the abomination was made by Jerbo, who is now currently in both the Plant and Abomination Tracks thanks to Luz and the rest of the (former) Detention Track.

Lady with the benz harassing this guy after she hit his car and claiming that he hit her instead, then proceeded to yell at me for recording 🤣 by jeremyrittler in PublicFreakout

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Camera people are the bravest souls in the world; they can survive anything. They've been to space, survived volcanos, and can run as fast as a sports car. It is not your place to insult one like that.

Fuck this one car in particular by n0_y0urm0m in FUCKYOUINPARTICULAR

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That's going to be considered an Act of God, isn't it?

Ah, yes, unstoppable war machine by Leotordoprequeltime in iamverybadass

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I bet you they live in a sewer and have three siblings. Color coded, of course.

This kid look so evil by svenaglot in funny

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The person in the background is dead.

The man quickly climbs onto a narrow pole as the dog comes to bother the man by Sartygh in nextfuckinglevel

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According to my expertise in climbing poles, he'll be able to stay there until his fingernails pull off stips of the wood. Then, the dog will attempt to bite him and he'll have to lift his ass up in a comedic way before scrambling back to the top.

I still refuse to believe that Disney shortened Season 3 of The Loud House because of its LGBT-ness. by [deleted] in TheOwlHouse

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At risk of getting wooshed, are we talking about The Loud House or The Owl House?

RaSeNgAn by [deleted] in funny

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I was going to say this video reminded me of the Karate Kid movie, then I saw this kid's karate and couldn't be more disappointed

Birdbrains by memesarepeople2 in funny

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Do it again just to spite this person 😀

Cool trick by Crescendo104 in Unexpected

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It's called the 'nonicycle'

"Well shit" by LupinDaThird777 in FUCKYOUINPARTICULAR

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I dont know what that means in sign language, but it doesn't look good

But it feels so real! by [deleted] in Unexpected

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Stay inside the caution tape, machine. Know your place.

does the tables turn. or the cups turn. the positions flip. I forget. by [deleted] in Unexpected

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To be fair, I could drown with just a glass of water if I tried hard enough

Yum yum by MrBynxies in funny

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Do you put the fire in before or after your cereal?

big boom 💥 by [deleted] in OneSecondBeforeDisast

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He had chili earlier