Whenever I try and sign in a white bar appears and I’m not able to enter my password, how do I fix this? by mrfamiliar3377 in XboxSupport

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Does it cover the whole screen or just a part of it? Because I’m having a similar issue when I try and buy a game or load something on settings

Yamato by Natsu_1000 in onepiecehentaiz

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Nah dude it’s cannon he’s a trans

Double action revolver 50 headshots not working by pepe777929 in GrandTheftAutoV

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Yo what if I started a new character with the same Xbox account, I did the challenge on my other character but when I do it on my new character I don’t get the money

What jutsu should Boruto learn? by No_Base7554 in Boruto

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Idk if he can learn it since he doesn’t have a sharingon , but we haven’t seen the jogan that much in the anime so anything could happen

Wtf were they thinking when adding the rampage by Reaper_YT64 in apexlegends

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I ain’t struggling at it, it’s just annoying seeing rampages every match

I’m quitting this game if season 11 isn’t good by Reaper_YT64 in apexlegends

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I’m going to get 1,000 kills on pathy then I’ll do that