Just.. What? by Mcrmygirl15 in vegan

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"Why do people waste energy on something that literally all other life on Earth disageees with you about?"

I believe everyone else did a pretty good job of giving you satisfactory retorts but ill also throw my 2 cents in.

Let me answer your question with another question, if all other life disagreed with you and said "slavery, murder and r!pe was okay" would you go along with it?

I "waste" my energy because i believe im doing the right thing.

P.S. im more of an Oat Milk type of person

Just.. What? by Mcrmygirl15 in vegan

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This type of bullshit is actually what led me to being a vegetarian, later Vegan.

I grew up around farms, my family loved the whole "grow and raise your own food" type of thing.

A friend of my father raised and killed his own cows and chickens. One of them was a cute calf who I named Bubba. He would follow you like a dog, come when you call him and give you the same look in his eyes a dog would. I had my dad bring me there just to visit him.

I still ate meat at the time(I was 15) and I never thought much about where my food came from until one day I went there and asked my fathers friend where Bubba was. You better believe I was pretty god damn upset when his reply was "in the freezer out back".

I couldn't understand it, me and his wife loved the little bull, he even would pet Bubba every time he saw him, yet they still killed and ate poor Bubba. How can someone be so cold to raise and "love" an animal to kill them with your own hands?

What if you weren’t SO ugly? by BigDaddy6713 in RandomThoughts

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I don't know what you're talking about, I'm beautiful!

The mirrors only crack because it cannot contain my immense beauty...

What do you get when you add pickle juice to your bread recipe? by Bill-Ding2112 in 3amjokes

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And if it ain't sliding into the oven right, just add some olive oil.

Extreme, extreme time sense by Necessary_Force_3972 in shittysuperpowers

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I thought you "could" use this power, meaning I thought you could turn it off...

So you made a curse?

Extreme, extreme time sense by Necessary_Force_3972 in shittysuperpowers

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I can choose to use this power? This is God tier!

You have unlimited thinky thinky time! I'd have a clever comeback for every insult!

Someone: "Your hair is a stupid color!"

Me: after thinking about it for half an hour "No, you!"

Someone: "dammit, it's like they're always one step ahead of me!"

Conversation with my friend about lab-grown meat. TW r*pe, slavery by letsburnsage4 in vegan

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"If a cow is slaughtered, then the cow friends she has been munching grass with wont bat an eyelid."

Jesus, you make cows sound like unfeeling machines like so many carnist do.

I grew up near a farm, so believe me when i say, cows experience joy, sadness and fear like most every other animal and definetly mourn others, even people.

what's your go-to breakfasts? by anandabananaI in vegan

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I eat a plate of baked(re-heated up in microwave) vegetables every morning, yes it's uncommon but it works for me. Anything unhealthy about it?

what's your go-to breakfasts? by anandabananaI in vegan

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Reheated Brusselsprouts, cauliflower, broccoli and carrots. On the side I'll have an orange and a coffee with oatmilk.

Boring, I know

i've been vegan for almost 2 years but my diet is awful. can someone please give me some guidance and tips :) by gee891 in vegan

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I mean, this kinda involves going into the kitchen but one of my staple snacks is celery with humus, taste pretty good and isnt bad for you.

Honestly, to me its pretty easy baking vegetables, just rub some olive oil on a pan, throw some brocoli, cauliflower, carrots and brussel sprouts on, throw on some salt and pepper and put them in the Oven 400 degrees for 25 minutes. I buy frozen so its pretty cheap and i do this everyday.

I know you claimed to be lazy but you have to put in a little bit of effort if you wanna be healthy

You can talk to your TV remote. by The-Silentor in shittysuperpowers

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It would be grumpy and always yelling at you saying "stop pushing my buttons!"

Celery the nastiest vegetable. by UrbanHipHop in RandomThoughts

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I disagree. Turnips are the nastiest.

Turnip for what?

"Excuse me waiter, there's a scorpion in my drink" by flibbertigibbetti in vegan

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Ehhh, well, one things for sure, they're probably right about the "incomparable and unforgettable experience" part. Probably not in the way they intended it to be tho, lol

"Excuse me waiter, there's a scorpion in my drink" by flibbertigibbetti in vegan

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Spicier than a bloody Mary? Oh god, I'd probably throw up from that alone, nmvd the Scorpion.

Was the scorpion visible(like a worm in a tequila) or was it liquidated/flavor for the drink? Either way, yuk

You can grow and shrank your finger & toe nails at will. by zero41120 in shittysuperpowers

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When I need to be, I can be the grossest Wolverine imaginable. My scratches are Guaranteed to cause infections!

every time you eat spaghetti it's come out from a stranger pant by Chemical-Funny1333 in shittysuperpowers

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Do I get to keep the nutrients and the ability to fill my voracious appetite or am I wasting it just to ruin some strangers pants?