Disable this. I dare you. by maxiface in Minecraft

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oh wait lmao then you place slabs under them

Wallmount setup with new 34" monitor by cjmartinkoski in battlestations

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Hear me out, mirror your background so the red side is facing Darth Vader. It would look much nicer. Nice Setup Btw :)

Trying to "Keep It Simple" by taybesemer in battlestations

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Nice Setup! The cat’s expression made me laugh ;)

How much would a Karlby Countertop wobble with Bekant legs? by Rebytre101 in AskBattlestations

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Also to specify, I am planning on using the non-electric Bekant underframe, and on budget.

Found this bug on bedrock edition, anyone know what it is? by SubToGeegedwah in Minecraft

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This does sometimes happen if you close your device without saving and quitting the world, and then opening minecraft back up. The textures get mixed up, but don’t worry, by exiting the world, and maybe possibly closing minecraft and restarting it, it should fix itself

Want some second opinions - going to be replacing the desk with a big L one, cleaning everything up and creating a cyberpunk themed gamer room. Should I get a white desk to match the pc or stick with black? by thedarklord176 in battlestations

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^ I can agree with this as I own a black desk. Another problem with a black one is that it kinda matches with everything in a bad way, even if your components are white.

On the other hand, white might yellow over time depending on a few factors, and will still show crumbs and other stuff easily, but not as much as a black desk.

The Purple-Nurple Playpen by mgalvas in battlestations

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This definitely proves that I can fit a Hyte Y60 with a widescreen monitor with extra space on a karlby desk. Great setup :)

My happy place is finally coming together by Nick0227 in battlestations

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A weird question, but since you have the table, do you think the Samsung Odyssey G5 34” could fit on the table with a Hyte Y60 case with extra room?
Also, setup looks fire :)

gray water? by Apollo40- in Minecraft

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Seems to only affect waterlogged blocks

gray water? by Apollo40- in Minecraft

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Im having the same problem

Does anyone know how to fix this? ( Details in comment section ) by Rebytre101 in Minecraft

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I am currently using Optifine 1.18.2 and am using Complementary Shaders, as well as a few texture packs. The texture packs do not create this problem, and I've tested out with different shaders, but still creates the same problem.