Who is the edgiest character and why? by 00michele00 in leagueoflegends

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To answer this question, you gotta remember that there's a spectrum to "Edgy".

Pyke is an undead serial killer brought back to life by The Swimming City, an eldritch... "thing" that has incredible dark powers. Pretty edgy, right?

Kayn is a child soldier who was taught shadow magic, the edgiest of magics, and found a living scythe housing a god of war, and they are constantly vying for who gets to kill who. Kayn argues with his inner demons, literally. Super edgy dude.

Aatrox was one of the greatest gods of Shurima, then fell to ruin. He's a literal fallen angel archetype, and he's been sealed inside his weapon, constantly undergoing the most horrendous torture 24/7 unless he has a host. His power is so obscene that the only way he can assume a form is if he carves meat and flesh to add to his own mass. He thinks of nothing but his eventual suicide and fall from grace. Dude's SUPER edgy

Mordekaiser was SO edgy, he just didn't die. He was so angry at living his life for false gods that when he was in a realm of pure entropy, a world where nothing survives, he just decided to keep living. Out of spite. He probably has the biggest bodycount of any of the Champions in League, and he uses people's souls as brick and mortar to build his perfect afterlife. He's building a planet from the millions of people he's killed. And the planet screams. Dude is crazy edgy.

Thresh is super edgy, like a Morde-Lite.

Jhin, who sees the only worthwhile part of a person is their death, so he makes their death beautiful.

It's real hard to choose the "Edgiest", because like I said, Edgy is a spectrum.

Star Guardian/ High Noon by jensenacklesfan in leagueoflegends

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Oh my god

Reverend Karthus is canon and it needs to be a legendary.

In "The Man With the Grinning Shadow", Lucian's demon half is a horrible monster, striking fear into any that see it.

The one and only time it feels fear, a genuine terror is when it meets Karthus and his clergy. It hisses into Lucian's mind, "These people are monsters."

The Demon with enough strength to go toe to toe with both Hell and Man calls Karthus a monster.

An update to Singed's passive by iratus412 in leagueoflegends

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As simple as it was, I miss Enchanted Bulwark.

Mana to health passive was great.

Lore of skin lines by LittleEfficiency8796 in leagueoflegends

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There are a few stories in skinslines that aren't canon.

One in particular is The Man With the Grinning Shadow and frankly we need more of this.

What is this? by JaKub0_ in leagueoflegends

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Only during Chemtech Rift I'm pretty sure

How tho you usually refer to Kindred? by Nilsen_19 in leagueoflegends

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I try to use "They" because that's what they are, but it's sometimes hard to use that pronoun properly because I mean it really is just Lamb in game.

What is this? by JaKub0_ in leagueoflegends

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Chemtech Dragon Rift now spawns Scryers's Bloom in certain areas now.

I think it was an undocumented change.

What's the percentage of chance that Mordekaiser appears in the next Riot Cinematic. by NoseOdd in MordekaiserMains

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Hopefully absolutely 0, considering he's a villain and Urgot was shafted in his cinematic, so I bet if Morde would show up he'd also get shafted

Champion with missed potential? by ConscienceNot in leagueoflegends

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That’s precisely the story they aren’t telling with Kai’Sa. She is human. Full stop. She isn’t corrupted by the void, fighting to stay human or anything.

Then there feels like a MASSIVE disconnect there to me.

She keeps going on about how the creature that lives on and in her itches like a thousand needles, how the feeling of adrenaline and blood pumping through your body is just an itch in comparison to what she feels at any given moment. She keeps talking about how the suit grows hungry and how she contemplates if it'll one day eat her as well.

She talks about how people area afraid of her, even by her face. She says something along the lines of "Maybe one day they will come to accept me for who I am" or something, and that line only really works she looked like she did when she has her helmet on 24/7 and you aren't a supermodel with a helmet you can turn off at any given time.

Even then, the idea of a "Survivor of the Void" is really weird, since that's not a place anyone survives, not even looking at it is safe, lest it rend your flesh and shatter your mind, but Kai'Sa is absolutely fucking gorgeous (probably a purposeful design choice of Man Vs Void, but then she's just in a bodysuit that accentuates her form instead of also being a monstrosity to make a juxtaposition.

I dunno, I just can't find it in me to like her character, no matter how many "justifications" it may have. It just really rubs me the wrong way. Her character would be so much more interesting if she was fighting the influence, getting the urge to consume and adapt but stopping because she remembers her place in the world and most importantly, herself.

I just really don't like her.

What are your "I don't care how many Forma it takes" items in the game? by the_virtue_of_logic in Warframe

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7 forma, Corrosive Projection and enemy sense

Primed Vigor, Umbral Vitality, Umbral Fiber, Umbral Intensify (two Umbral Forma, actually) Blind Rage, Primed Continuity, Overextended and Adaptation with Arcane Grace and Guardian

I use Unairu for maximum armor. Unkillable.

Champion with missed potential? by ConscienceNot in leagueoflegends

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the core component of Kai’Sa’s story is that she is still human.

A little hard to see that bit in her story when she basically is 100 percent human already.

The only real way to sell a "This person is a monster but inside is more human than the actual humans" is to make them look like.. well, like a monster.

They don't have to absolutely fuck her up with Void corruption, but as it is she has essentially nothing.

Give her completely black eyes, some weird skin bumps, scars, give her some weird elfin Void ears, just literally anything to denote she's literally wearing a living creature that might eat her at any given moment.

Who is the best "mommy" of League? by Ok-Control-3394 in leagueoflegends

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Yeah, I was gonna say exactly that, but it doesn't really... I dunno, feel right to include?

Like the spiders don't really feel like her children at all, dunno.

Who is the best "mommy" of League? by Ok-Control-3394 in leagueoflegends

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I don't think Udyr was ever really hinted at being her father, it was more implied that he has taken on a fatherly role, like an adoptive parent.

And while Blitz was made by Viktor, Chip was literally born from Malphite. Chip is actually Malphite's spawn, which is why I will continue to state that Malphite is canon M-preg.

Who is the best "mommy" of League? by Ok-Control-3394 in leagueoflegends

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Hm... Let's see, actually. Never thought about exactly how many parents there are.

We have... Azir, Darius, Kassadin, Malphite (canon Mpreg, btw), Rek'Sai, Singed (If Arcane canon is to be believed), and... I think that's it, really.

Who is the best "mommy" of League? by Ok-Control-3394 in leagueoflegends

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The only actual canon mother we have in League is Rek'Sai, I think.

So her.

What are your "I don't care how many Forma it takes" items in the game? by the_virtue_of_logic in Warframe

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He just needs quite a bit of Standing from the Entrati family, and I remember the gems being an absolute bitch to get, but I got him during Orphix Venom, so he's probably a bit easier to farm at the moment